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Derby Days

Derby Day means ladies donning the most fabulous hat they can find. In this case, Josie loved hers so much she event brought it to school on Monday to parade it around!

Hat, One of a Kind; Fleece with hearts, Old Navy; Polka dot cape, Wrapease; Jeans, Children's Place 

Before: Off to the Races!                After: All Derbied Out

Poor Grace, it just wasn't her day. Perhaps an event based around racing horses and hats just isn't her thing. Hats definitely aren't her thing, despite my best efforts. In fact, Grace hates Derby Hats so much, she couldn't even bare to look at either her Nana or Memere, each donning an impressive Derby creation. I guess we will have to file the Kentucky Derby under 'Grace is Not Impressed' and call it a day (see photo below, bottom right.).

At least I had the opportunity to put her in a fancy pink dress and cute and preppy argyle sweater (very Southern Chic)!
Pink and green Argyle sweater, Old Navy; Pink dress, Carters

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