Dec 30, 2013

Ants on a Log

Introducing my greatest toddler culinary achievement thus far... Ants on a Log.

Once we got past the "these ants aren't real ants by raisins phase" she was willing to give it a try.

Success! Although the concept of celery is a little advanced. She nibbled on it a bit but I had to throw most of it away.

Now, I think it's time to move on to more advanced toddler snack topics.. such as this work of art on Pinterest.

Dec 28, 2013

Christmas Morning: Do You Believe?

Grace is almost 2 so this was her first Christmas where Santa was a key player. The true test of his visit on Christmas Eve? 
 Well... Grace examines the evidence below.

And it appears to check out!

She then proceeded to eat Santa's leftover cookies.

Dec 23, 2013

A December Day to Remember

We were treated with the greatest of Christmas gifts here in Rhode Island this past weekend. After a week of bitter cold temperatures and two snowstorms, something miraculous happened. It got warm.

Like, real warm. So warm that the snow melted, coats came off, and a (very) late season trip to the beach was in order! 

Dress - Koala Baby \\ Tights and Shoes - Target \\ Top - Kohl's

Thanks Auntie Em for providing this wonderful photo!

Dec 10, 2013

Loungewear takes flight

Who doesn't love a great set of loungewear, and with fairy wings its twice as nice! Josie looks like Santa's little helper in this sparkling red suit with fleece trim from Target. Ariel socks from the Target dollar bins complete this look, well, because who can pass up the dollar bins!!

Dec 7, 2013

Christmas Cards (I'm not good at them)

Every year I have these grand plans for Christmas cards. Last year we got lucky and had a great picture to use from Grace's 6 month photo shoot. This year, I once again had grand plans of taking a really fun and festive photo of Grace in a full on creative holiday mode. Well, it's December 7th and that never happened - so I had to move on to plan B. Plan B was going over to my friends at Tiny Prints (because I adore their designs), selecting a design, and finding our most loved pics from this past year. And then... using a KILLER coupon code! Then I took advantage of their service to mail my cards directly to recipients which means that I don't even need to buy stamps!

I actually saved over $40 on my order and that really makes a girl's Friday night.
So here I leave you with some options... go crazy!

First up, 25% off all Holiday Cards + Free Shipping! 
40% Off Tiny Prints Stamps - One Night Only

iPhone Cases by Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints Mugs

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links so if you do click through and make a purchase I will earn a commission, but all opinion listed above are my own. And I seriously love my Tiny Prints Holiday cards!

Dec 3, 2013


While Grace is asleep tonight, all I can think about is winter dread. Sorry, no toddler fashion or gift guides tonight. This is something I struggle with every year and tonight it's time for a solution.

I tweeted this:

Moments later, people were in agreement. Yes! We should start a group! Let's drink wine and peruse! Ok, that was my idea... But something must be done.

The older I get the worse it gets. Winter. Blech. "You should love winter, you're a skier!" Well yes, it's true that I was born and bred a skier, but I'm a skier that prefers warm, sunny March over blustery January. Although, I am a true New England skier because I don't mind skiing on sheer ice. It's what I know, you know?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. In all likelihood I suffer from Season Affective Disorder but I've tried light therapy and it's only moderately effective. What I really need is a distraction! Warm sunny beaches, reminders of summer. All of us who can't deal with winter need this! So let's help each other and forget winter. Granted, things will be ok through the busyness of the Holidays but when January and February happen upon us we'll need each other. Trust me.

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Block Island - Summer 2013
Negril Sunset - April 2010
How do you cope with Winter?

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