Jul 29, 2013

Looking Cute in Distressed Denim

Josie spending some time with the elephants at the zoo in her distressed denim mini from Gap and butterfly sleeve top from Old Navy.

Jul 26, 2013

Friday Friends: Rocking out with Madelyn!

It's Friday and we have one of our favorite friends! Baby Madelyn is now 3 months old and a budding musician!

Photo courtsey: Madelyn's Mommy

Candy stripe onesie - Carter's

 Thanks for being our Friday Friend!

Jul 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: I'm Ready to Fly!

Josie's Halloween costume, October 2012

Owl Costume - Princess Paradise

Jul 21, 2013

More Polka Dots & Florals from Maine

We have officially returned from summer vacation in Maine! Luckily it was ridiculously hot thanks to a country-wide heat wave because Grace had many bathing suits to try out!

Bathing Suit - Baby Gap 
The best view on the beach

Jul 16, 2013

Checking in from Maine

Hey guys! Checking in from our vacation in Maine. 

We can't complain about our view....

I love this picture, I just wish I remembered to take out the binky first.

Jul 13, 2013

What to Pack for a Coastal Maine Vacation [Guest Post]

Knowing that I am a notorious last minute packer, Grace's Auntie J has taken a stab at some of her favorite looks for a vacation bound toddler.

Check out the whole post HERE on her blog 6 Hours Ahead of You.
My favorite mommy is preparing for a family vacation to coastal ME and looking for some inspiration for her babe as well as some inspiration for her blog  Grace and Josie while she is away. Since I love beach babies, especially the blond ones, I happily volunteered to do some online browsing for little g. In case you have not figured it out by now, little g is the daughter of M, one of my best friends and former college roommates which makes me auntie J. Naturally, I'm going to be the cool aunt who shares those college stories of M locking her keys in the car at the worst time, playing Oozeball and dancing in the living room of our beach house. If she's lucky she'll even get the R rated versions. Unless of course I have kids by this time and don't want the reciprocal treatment form her mommy.

If I were a 1.5 year old beach babe, this is what I would pack for a week in Maine with my parents. I first went to the Lilly Pulitzer site but then realized Lilly is a bit to tropical for Maine. Sorry g, come back when you are going to FL and I will give you the best tropical inspiration. I've tried to include sources for purchase in case M wants to take my advice.

First, a few bathing suits. The ocean will be too cold to swim in my you need to be prepared just in case and I'm sure there will be a baby pool somewhere. Don't forget the swim diapers mom, these suits are too cute to have an accident! Read More.....

See more looks here!

Jul 12, 2013

Toddlers May Be Small.... But They Don't Pack Light

Here's a look at the mountain of clothes we'll be packing up and bringing to Maine. I'm very excited to debut some of these outfits and Grace will definitely be poppin' some tags when we get there!

Jul 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Last 4th of July

Last 4th of July Grace was just a little over 3 months old. She had her first dip in the pool (a little freaked at first but then loved it) and wore her first Martha Washington replica outfit, complete with ruffly hat (jk).

My 1st bathing suit! Carter's

Baby Martha Washington

Jul 10, 2013

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Pink hoodie and skirt - Baby Gap

A good stick can always double for a magic wand!

Jul 8, 2013

Weekend in Review: 4th of July Festivities

Happy 4th of July America! To all of you who survived it without central air, well done! Boyyyy was it hot this weekend. So hot, I was actually excited to come to work for the climate control. 

So what did Grace's weekend hold? Ice cream and fireworks on the 4th. Here she is top left sporting a festive red shirt. Her official festive outfit had long been destroyed at this point in the day.
We discovered that fireworks are not her fave thing in the world. Oh well, they're not for everyone. We also discovered that toddlers don't care how far away you had to park when they want to leave. 

On Friday we met up with Grace' grandparents in Tiverton for some fried seafood (especially clamcakes) and chowder. Grace has on Memere's favorite jellies but what she really wants is to leap off of that dock into the questionable water below. Here we discovered that Evelyn's seaside restaurant isn't baby-proof unless you want to constantly man-handle your toddler away from the water's edge, docks, or a parking lot entirely made of shells while you wait for a table.

On Saturday we got all dolled up for a fancy cocktail party in a green and yellow 60's Mod dress from Baby Gap. Grace didn't realize she was booked as the evening's entertainment, but didn't seem to mind playing the part. Tonight we discovered that our toddler's favorite cocktail joke is pointing to everyone's beverage saying "Yummy yummy yummy beer". She's 16 months old. I'm pretty sure that's not a lesson on Baby Einstein.

By Sunday we were delirious from the heat. Inside our house the temperature was 88F. IN.SIDE.
We packed up 3 bags and headed to the Zoo/Splash Park in the next town. This was Grace's first trip to the Zoo and she really enjoyed seeing all of the different animals. Especially if they fell under one of four categories: Kitty Cat, Doggie, Bird or Monkey. Which surprisingly she was able to fit most of the animals into those categories.

Jul 6, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast (an animated GIF tale)

It's amazing how much little ones change in a year. As proof I set out to take photos monthly to chronicle this little nugget's journey from newborn to crawling, chattering almost-toddler.

Smiles, tears, a little snot - we captured it all. By the time she could move around easily, these shoots became near-impossible but we persisted! 

Here's Grace's 12 month long photo shoot:

If that was too fast for your eyes, here's the sloooowed down version.

Which age is your favorite?

Jul 3, 2013

On Wednesday We Wear Pink: Jellies!

Grace loves her pink jelly shoes. I wish I still had a pair myself!
Jelly shoes - Nordstrom
What Grace also loves is Pirate Booty. Loves it. 
Here she's reluctantly sharing with Memere... really hoping she doesn't take her up on that offer.

Jul 1, 2013

Put on Your Party Dress

On Sunday we three Carriers attended a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for Grace's great-great-Aunt and Uncle. It was a great time and a great excuse to dress up on a Sunday afternoon. I've been waiting for the right opportunity to debut this little number, a gift from Grace's birthday back in February.
In fact, it was almost like a practice wedding for a toddler with photos, a cake cutting, and a dance floor. I think Grace might be ready to attend her first wedding!

The necklace is a nice touch don't you think? I sacrificed my own accessory because Grace was obsessed with wearing it. She was right! It was the perfect touch to this outfit. And, to my surprise, she wore it all day without destroying it. Good girl!

Dress - Bonnie Jean / Bubble Necklace - Bauble Bar / Headband - Carter's

And if you want to take a look at Grace's dance moves:

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