Apr 17, 2015

Our Renovation Story: The Paint Palette

See Our Sherwin Williams Paint Palette

Our Renovation Paint Palette for the Second Floor

We went with cool shades of blue and grey.

I love paint. I love to paint rooms. My husband is a control freak with perfectionist tendencies so he hates when I volunteer to paint. Luckily for him, paint was included in the price of our renovation.
That didn't mean that I didn't get to have a grand ol' time selecting paint colors. I did. 

Once again we went with our ol' standby - Sherwin Williams. Actually, our contractor's choice, but also the paint we used in our last house exclusively. I really like the Sherwin color palette and felt like I was comfortable navigating their swatches.

Not gonna lie, Pinterest was my guiding light in this department. You can see some of my research in these two boards. 

Follow Melissa Carrier [@Jemstaa]'s board Master bedroom renovation on Pinterest.
Follow Melissa Carrier [@Jemstaa]'s board Bathroom renovation on Pinterest.

I really fell in love with Sherwin William's Sea Salt first. From there, the search was on to find coordinating hues that would leave the upstairs with a fresh, coastal feel. Surprisingly, it took me a until the last minute and the painters were literally on the way to the paint store for me to decide to go with Comfort Gray for the master bedroom (Sea Salt was designated for the bathroom). Duh. Of course it's going to coordinate with Sea Salt, it's right next to it on the damn swatch.

Here's a look at the view from our room, into the hallway, and then Grace's room.
Comfort Gray, Heron's Plume, and Rainwashed (a color we loved in our bedroom at our last house)

Terrible lighting, but Rainwashed in Grace's room.

Now that we're this close to moving in upstairs, I'll be sure to have some updated photos soon!

What are your favorite or go-to paint colors?

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