Dec 28, 2018

After Christmas Sales:

Primary Header currently has amazing deals on winter essentials for kids. 

There's still plenty of winter left (unfortunately, if you ask me...) and I like Primary to supply high quality basics for my kids.


Here are some of my favorites:

This lightweight puffer vest for $17.

I have a collection of vests that I wear at home because I'm always freezing so why not layer up my kids as well!

Puffer Vest

This long sleeve thermal crew for $8.

This cozy tunic sweatshirt for $12.

My girls live in these cozy tunic sweatshirts all year round. We take these to the beach for cold summer nights and pair them with leggings and boots for chilly school days.

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Nov 6, 2018

Christmas Shopping: Calico Critters

Christmas List Series Calico Critters

Amazing Deal on Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home

I'm on the hunt for the best deals on toys on Amazon this holiday season. 

First up, Calico Critters. A favorite of my 3 year old. So far she has a modest collection of these Critters. We have the Lighthouse, a School Bus, a camping set, and whole bunch of Critter families.

I wanted to add a larger item to her collection this Christmas so I went on the hunt. The prices are all over the place and while I was willing to spend around the $100 mark, I was excited to find a deal on the Red Roof Country Home.

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home

As you can see from the price chart, this item recently took a big dive from its original price of $69.95. How long will it last? Who knows! But I will tell you that the box arrived yesterday and it's huge! Definitely a great value for your little Critters! 
Tell me your favorite Calico Critter items!

Sep 5, 2018

September Giveaway

Lilly Pulitzer Planner Giveaway

September 4-30, 2018 | No Purchase Necessary

Enter for your chance to win a 2018-2019 Lilly Pulitzer Planner with custom monogram + $50 shopping spree to Wish Newport! 

September is always the point in the year when I'm ready to get organized. That's why I'm loving the idea of a planner that starts in August of this year! I've always coveted a Lilly print planner so that's why I chose this as the perfect accompaniment to my custom monogram vinyl stickers. Oh, you haven't heard that I'm selling vinyl stickers now? Check out the shop here: Shop Lemonade Stand
I've also partnered with my favorite shop in Newport, RI for preppy essentials, Wish. Wish has amazing deals on all the best brands like Lilly Pulitzer (of course), Kate Spade, J.Crew, and more! 

If you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for? 

Enter Now! 

Jul 12, 2018

Nifty Fifty Camera Lens

My recommendation for the nifty fifty camera lens

It's time to upgrade my Canon Rebel lens collection with a Nifty Fifty and at this price point, and with these reviews, this is the one I'm going to try!

What was the first non-kit lens you purchased?

Jul 3, 2018

4th of July Sales

Round up of the best 4th of July Sales

Shop summer sales and get the best deals of the season on preppy favorites like Jack Rogers, Boden, and Vineyard Vines!

Jack Rogers - 20% off with code: USA (even sale!)

Boden  - Up to 50% off Sale + 10% off Full Price with code: LA8L

Vineyard Vines - Save 30% off sale styles with code: SUMMER18

For the Kids

Jun 29, 2018

Momlife Summer Survival Kit Part 1: The Corkcicle

Summer Survival Kit Stemless Corkcicle

Summer Survival Kit: Part One

Stemless Corkcicle

Hey Moms! If you're here, I hope you're ready to buckle up for a great summer. With a few life hacks, I'll help you conquer some of the more annoying challenges that summer presents. 
Part One of our #Momlife Summer Survival Kit is the stemless Corkcicle. The perfect size insulated tumbler that can transition from morning to night and not break a sweat. And by morning I totally mean iced coffee, and by night I obviously mean your alcoholic drink of choice (I'm partial to the white and rosé varietals, but to each her own).

#Momlife Benefits of the Stemless Corkcicle

  • Comes in cute colors
  • Does not sweat! 
  • Keeps your beverage of choice ice cold for 9 hours. 
  • Comes with a sippy top so bugs don't end up in your wine.

*The links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links.

Jun 28, 2018

Tea Collection Summer Sale

Another day, another great sale! This time of year (late June - 4th of July) is a great time to save and stock up on summer clothes for kids.

If you're a reader of the blog you'll know that I LOVE Tea Collection. These kids clothes are high quality, super cute and have great resale value, no matter what season.

Look below at what I'm planning to buy this time around.

Save 40% off Sale at Tea Collection
Sale On Sale - My favorite kind of sale!

*Please note, all links included are affiliate, however, all opinion are my own.

Native Deodorant

Adding Native Deodorant to my daily beauty routine

I've been thinking of making the switch to Native deodorant for a while. I've heard so many rave reviews through my friends, and really, who feels compelled enough to rave about deodorant? People who love it I guess!

Their customer experience on the website is great! The site is clean and makes ordering very easy.

I also love the options they have to scents. I ended up purchasing the lime coconut (not shown below, but you'll see it as a seasonal scent on the site during Summer 2018).

Native Coconut & Vanilla - $12.00
Refreshingly smooth, tropical scent that is both sweet and sophisticated

Native Citrus & Herbal Musk - $12.00
Woodsy with hints of spice, orange, and lemon

Native Eucalyptus & Mint - $12.00
This subtle scent has a clean and fresh aroma

Some Deals

Use code HEALTH10 to take 10% off your order.

Here's another deal, receive a free mini travel sized deodorant with your purchase but clicking here.

*Please note, all links included are affiliate, however, all opinion are my own.

Jun 23, 2018

All Natural Bug Solutions

Keep the Bugs at Bay with these All Natural Solutions

Summer is awesome! Bug bites are not... 😔 Personally, I have the kind of blood that must make mosquitos run for the hills because I don't typically get bitten. My children and husband however, have that sweet sweet mosquito loving blood.

Problem: Bug bites aren't cool, but neither is spraying chemicals all over the place.

I first started looking into natural products to replace my regular array of household chemicals when my youngest reached the age where I literally caught her pointing a bottle of Windex at her face. Directly at her eyes. After locking down every cabinet in the house and no longer living a life of carefree negligence (kids will do that to you), I invested in some cleaning supplies from and Method.

Fast forward to a year ago, and I'm now a mother of two with significantly more parenting miles under my belt. The things I've seen and dealt with... well, I'm sure I don't have to tell y'all.

When a neighbor reached out and invited me to her Natural Solutions class (she reps doTERRA), I brought along my husband and my mother-in-law. I ended up signing up for a wholesale account (a great deal btw)

Deal with Bugs Naturally

This is a great cheat sheet to use to see what oils to use with your particular bug problem. Personally, I'm always fighting mosquitoes in our yard, and ticks when we go to tick-prone areas (luckily not my backyard so far).

Personally, I love the smell of Lemongrass so it was one of the first oils I purchased. I diffuse it regularly inside for fun and then outside to keep the mosquitoes away.

For the Gardening Fans Out There

Here are some tips for those who love to garden. I love the idea of adding Cedarwood to soil and mulch. It smells great!

Are you ready to try some oils for your family? Let me know! I have some great suggestions about where to start, or even some direction if you are looking for a particular benefit.

Shop doTERRA Essential Oils  

Jun 20, 2018

When Amazon Isn't Always the Best Choice

Price Checking: Amazon vs. the Brand

Let's take a look at Crocs

I just bought my daughters some new Crocs for summer. In fact, this purchase was the inspiration for my Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers post. When the package arrived yesterday, the bag was open 😱and the sandals that I ordered for the little one were MIA. Thankfully, Crocs has excellent customer service and overnighted the missing pair, which showed up this morning. Thank you Crocs! A shining example of customer service. (add one point to the Brand column, but this is a post about price, not customer service) 

Sister, Sister

Once the new sandals arrived, of course the older sister had to have the exact same pair. And as it turned out, she really did need some new summer sandals because her Tevas were too small so I headed with my 25% off coupon that they sent in original shipment.

After finding that same pair was now more expensive than I originally paid, I did a price check on Amazon, before ultimately heading back to Crocs to find an alternative.

Crocs Lina Sandals on Amazon
On Amazon, the average price for this sandal is $24.99, with free shipping.

Crocs Lina Sandals on
At, the current price is $14.99.

Add my 25% off coupon from my last order and the grand total + $4.99 shipping was ......

*This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

Jun 19, 2018 Sidewalk Sale

Shop High Quality Basics for Your Kids's Sidewalk Sale

Hey! Have you shopped Primary yet? If not, you should definitely check it out! I love that they have high quality basics without the crazy prints and logos. It's a nice balance to add to your kids' closet!

Shop Summer Sidewalk Sale

I just got this email and thought I would share with my fellow shopping friends. Click here to visit the sidewalk sale.

Also, please note these are now affiliate links.

What I've Bought 

Earlier this year I wanted to stock up on some long sleeved tunics for the girls that we could have on hand for cool spring/summer nights. 

The Cozy Tunic in Cobalt

The Cozy Tunic in Raspberry

The Long Sleeve Tunic Tee in Pool

The Long Sleeve Tunic Tee in Lilac

So how have they worked out? Great! I love that they will pretty much go with anything so I can keep them in the car, or just grab them when leaving the house. They are also really high quality, there is a nice thickness to them. 

So What's Next On My List?

Earlier today (I kid you not, today), I had the sleeveless tunic in my cart and now it's ON SALE! Yay!! So I'll probably pick up two sleeveless tunics and maybe a dress? There are also bathing suits on sale which look super cute. Check it out! I will again leave you with the link to the sidewalk sale.

I can't see when the sale is valid until, but today is June 19th, 2018 so if you're somewhere around that date you might be good!

Jun 18, 2018

Let's Go Shopping: Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers

Shop Summer Shoes for Toddlers

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers 

Which brands make the list?

Securing the perfect pair of summer shoes for toddlers can be daunting! Luckily, we learned a thing or two the first time around about which brands stand up to the rigors of toddlerhood. Our summers with two little girls look like lots of sand, getting wet, and taking shoes off and putting them back on 1,000 times a day. That's why the list below are my qualifications for investment worthy footwear.

The have to be:
1. Easy to put on (Native and Crocs take the top honors here)
2. Able to withstand the elements of dirt, sand, and plenty of water
3. Easy to clean
4. Durable enough to be passed down to their siblings (or at least fetch a decent return on Poshmark)
5. Cute!

The Shopping Strategy

Now, the price points on these footwear brands are not cheap, but they will last and perform as promised. I've listed links to shop them on Amazon, but if you're looking for other places to purchase them here are a few tips.

1. Shop Poshmark - as I've mentioned before, these brands offer solid products that are more than likely able to withstand the one year that most children will actually fit in a shoe. We've bought several pairs of Crocs and KEENS via Poshmark.

2. Sign up for the Crocs' email list for regular sales. I especially like the 50% off clearance sales.

3. Regularly check Zulily for flash sales. I've seen all four of these brands on the site.

*This shopping post contains affiliate links so if you do make a purchase, I will make a small commission. So I can buy more shoes. 😁

Shop Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers

Happy Shopping Friends!

Apr 16, 2018

Launch Warwick Giveaway

April Vacation is here! 

This is our first "official" April vacation with kids now that Grace is in Kindergarten. While it's business as usual for the most part with my husband and I, I am taking Wednesday off to have a little fun.

What are your plans this week? 

If you're looking for something fun to tire out the kids, enter for your chance to win 2 FREE Launch Warwick Jump passes.

I'll be selecting the winner on Wednesday, so you could either plan to use them this week - or wait until the time is right! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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