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All Natural Bug Solutions

Keep the Bugs at Bay with these All Natural Solutions

Summer is awesome! Bug bites are not... 😔 Personally, I have the kind of blood that must make mosquitos run for the hills because I don't typically get bitten. My children and husband however, have that sweet sweet mosquito loving blood.

Problem: Bug bites aren't cool, but neither is spraying chemicals all over the place.

I first started looking into natural products to replace my regular array of household chemicals when my youngest reached the age where I literally caught her pointing a bottle of Windex at her face. Directly at her eyes. After locking down every cabinet in the house and no longer living a life of carefree negligence (kids will do that to you), I invested in some cleaning supplies from and Method.

Fast forward to a year ago, and I'm now a mother of two with significantly more parenting miles under my belt. The things I've seen and dealt with... well, I'm sure I don't have to tell y'all.

When a neighbor reached out and invited me to her Natural Solutions class (she reps doTERRA), I brought along my husband and my mother-in-law. I ended up signing up for a wholesale account (a great deal btw)

Deal with Bugs Naturally

This is a great cheat sheet to use to see what oils to use with your particular bug problem. Personally, I'm always fighting mosquitoes in our yard, and ticks when we go to tick-prone areas (luckily not my backyard so far).

Personally, I love the smell of Lemongrass so it was one of the first oils I purchased. I diffuse it regularly inside for fun and then outside to keep the mosquitoes away.

For the Gardening Fans Out There

Here are some tips for those who love to garden. I love the idea of adding Cedarwood to soil and mulch. It smells great!

Are you ready to try some oils for your family? Let me know! I have some great suggestions about where to start, or even some direction if you are looking for a particular benefit.

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