Jun 20, 2018

When Amazon Isn't Always the Best Choice

Price Checking: Amazon vs. the Brand

Let's take a look at Crocs

I just bought my daughters some new Crocs for summer. In fact, this purchase was the inspiration for my Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers post. When the package arrived yesterday, the bag was open 😱and the sandals that I ordered for the little one were MIA. Thankfully, Crocs has excellent customer service and overnighted the missing pair, which showed up this morning. Thank you Crocs! A shining example of customer service. (add one point to the Brand column, but this is a post about price, not customer service) 

Sister, Sister

Once the new sandals arrived, of course the older sister had to have the exact same pair. And as it turned out, she really did need some new summer sandals because her Tevas were too small so I headed crocs.com with my 25% off coupon that they sent in original shipment.

After finding that same pair was now more expensive than I originally paid, I did a price check on Amazon, before ultimately heading back to Crocs to find an alternative.

Crocs Lina Sandals on Amazon
On Amazon, the average price for this sandal is $24.99, with free shipping.

Crocs Lina Sandals on Crocs.com
At Crocs.com, the current price is $14.99.

Add my 25% off coupon from my last Crocs.com order and the grand total + $4.99 shipping was ......

*This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

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