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Shop High Quality Basics for Your Kids's Sidewalk Sale

Hey! Have you shopped Primary yet? If not, you should definitely check it out! I love that they have high quality basics without the crazy prints and logos. It's a nice balance to add to your kids' closet!

Shop Summer Sidewalk Sale

I just got this email and thought I would share with my fellow shopping friends. Click here to visit the sidewalk sale.

Also, please note these are now affiliate links.

What I've Bought 

Earlier this year I wanted to stock up on some long sleeved tunics for the girls that we could have on hand for cool spring/summer nights. 

The Cozy Tunic in Cobalt

The Cozy Tunic in Raspberry

The Long Sleeve Tunic Tee in Pool

The Long Sleeve Tunic Tee in Lilac

So how have they worked out? Great! I love that they will pretty much go with anything so I can keep them in the car, or just grab them when leaving the house. They are also really high quality, there is a nice thickness to them. 

So What's Next On My List?

Earlier today (I kid you not, today), I had the sleeveless tunic in my cart and now it's ON SALE! Yay!! So I'll probably pick up two sleeveless tunics and maybe a dress? There are also bathing suits on sale which look super cute. Check it out! I will again leave you with the link to the sidewalk sale.

I can't see when the sale is valid until, but today is June 19th, 2018 so if you're somewhere around that date you might be good!

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