Jun 29, 2018

Momlife Summer Survival Kit Part 1: The Corkcicle

Summer Survival Kit Stemless Corkcicle

Summer Survival Kit: Part One

Stemless Corkcicle

Hey Moms! If you're here, I hope you're ready to buckle up for a great summer. With a few life hacks, I'll help you conquer some of the more annoying challenges that summer presents. 
Part One of our #Momlife Summer Survival Kit is the stemless Corkcicle. The perfect size insulated tumbler that can transition from morning to night and not break a sweat. And by morning I totally mean iced coffee, and by night I obviously mean your alcoholic drink of choice (I'm partial to the white and rosé varietals, but to each her own).

#Momlife Benefits of the Stemless Corkcicle

  • Comes in cute colors
  • Does not sweat! 
  • Keeps your beverage of choice ice cold for 9 hours. 
  • Comes with a sippy top so bugs don't end up in your wine.

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