Apr 29, 2014

Meet the Maker: Jessica of ReStudios & #Giveaway!

I come from a family of Makers and I'm proud to give you an update on my baby sister who heads up Restudio Design in Arlington, MA. 

Jessica has partnered with West Elm before on a Holiday Shopping night, but now you can purchase her prints at the West Elm Fenway until further notice!


Boston Map

Restudios joins a handful of other select Boston area Makers in this initiative that offers West Elm shoppers a taste of wares from their neighborhood artisans. Check your local West Elm to see if your store has a West Elm Local section!

If you're in the city on Thursday stop by and say hi! If you can't make it but are dying to get your hands on one of these prints - you're in luck! I'm offering a special giveaway to a lucky reader! For your choice of any Matted 8x10 Restudios Print enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some of my personal favorites...

Rhode Island Anchor

Don't mess with Texas right!

Apr 25, 2014

Grace and Daddy-o channeling Minion style tonight. #graceandjosie

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1jOH3XY

Most Amazing Shirts for Mom this Mother's Day

I continue to find the most amazing shirts for Moms on Pinterest. Each one is just more inspiring than the next.

As Moms come in all forms, here's a round up of perfect gift ideas for Mother's Day. I'm sure you'll find your perfect tee or perhaps one for the Mom in your life.

Working Moms (not Teachers)
Pale is the New Tan
Trend Boutique - on sale $36.99

Awesome Moms (Who Don't Sweat the Small Stuff)
No longer available - Similar Styles

Moms Like Me
ThugLife Shirts - $24.95

Hypoglycemic Moms
ThugLife Shirts - $24.95

More Moms Like Me
Skreened - $24.99

All Moms (especially Moms of newborns)
*I personally own this one.
Hello Merch - $24.00

Animal Loving Moms
Zazzle - $26.30

Photoshop Obsessed Moms
Cafe Press - $28.99
I already own 'I'm So Tired' so I think I'm going to have my husband track down the 'I Know Guacamole is Extra' for Mother's Day. Which is your favorite?

Apr 24, 2014

15 Minute Blog Challenge: Cheese Straws

Your time starts: NOW

So the other day I was thinking about Blogger's Writing Block and what tactics I could use to get past it. Suddenly, I had a great idea! Why not randomly pick a number and then use that pin on Pinterest as an inspiration! I guess you could use anything really, Instagram, Facebook Post, you name it.

Today I committed to this noble experiment, selected the number 7 and started counting away. What did I land on?

Fellow Blogger Vera Sweeney's pin on Cheese Straws (see below).

Now at first I was all... umm what the heck are Cheese Straws but then I realized, this is the point! Let's learn about something new and challenge the writing skills a bit.

So here we go. In the next 10 minutes and 35 seconds I'll learn about Cheese Straws and figure out something compelling(ish) to share with you!

Apparently Cheese Straws are an easy appetizer I must try! It involves only a few ingredients (puff pastry, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. That's it. Seriously! Ok ok Vera, you've convinced me! I'll have to try these.

Actually another angle on this post, a confession. I haven't followed a recipe in at least 9 months. That's how long it's been since we sold our house in Massachusetts, and moved to Rhode Island - then finally bought a house and moved again. I know! No excuses. My husband who is the ultimate recipe follower and often does so for sport made me feel guilty of this recently and I do feel like it's time to get back on that horse so Cheese Straws - here I come!

Maybe the next series should be: Melissa picks a random recipe on Pinterest and is forced to make it. Complete with a running internal dialog transcript (swearing omitted. maybe.)? Who wants to read about that?

And more importantly, who is coming over for Cheese Straws (and wine)?

Do me a favor and pick a random number in the comments for my next 15 Minute Blog Challenge and thank you to Vera Sweeney at Lady and the Blog for being this week's random winner :)

Apr 23, 2014

On Wednesday We Pin Pink

Hey it's Wednesday! I'm not going to show you that insufferable camel so let's get right to the pink pins ok?

This week's theme is Pink Party! With hints of gold. Love ♥?

Wordless Wednesday: Rock a Bye Baby

Apr 22, 2014

Blogging 101: Great Tips for the Beginner Blogger

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Pinterest posts for the beginner blogger. If you'd like to peruse my entire collection, click here. Even if you're not what one would consider a "Beginner Blogger", the tips are a helpful refresher. Actually, as I put this post together I took a moment to reflect on my blogging past and discovered that I've been at it for almost 9 years. Whoa. Really?? While my darling Grace and Josie is just over a year old, my faithful old Jemstaa has been around for almost a decade. I get quite a kick out of reading the old posts from my 'fresh out of college days'. Here's a peek at my early corporate days and the 2nd post I wrote.

And now for your tips! Here you'll find some items to add to your to-do list including 1) find your passion 2) support other bloggers by regularly commenting 3) update your header

Here's a direct link to this post: http://rebekahradice.com/things-every-new-blogger-needs-to-do/

Here's a direct link to this post: http://studio-404.com/2013/online/resources/blogging-101-supporting-blogs

Here's a direct link to this post: http://www.houseandhone.com/2013/01/lets-talk-headers-emilyhonecom.html

Apr 18, 2014

Hoppity Hop Hop

Take a deep breath. The Easter Bunny is coming to town.

On a related note... when I was a child there was nothing more terrifying than the thought of peeking outside and seeing the Easter Bunny lurking around my yard leaving plastic Easter Eggs. I still shudder to think about it!

Apr 17, 2014

Easter Fun - It's just beginning!

One of the first posts on Grace and Josie was "Easter, the Super Bowl of Little Girl Dresses", just over 1 year ago. Now we're excited to celebrate again this year, but first we'll leave you with some Easter Fun!

Easter Fun

Easter home decor

striped rosette dress

ruffle shrug

bunny ears

Apr 16, 2014

What the.. snow??

My main reason for this post is so I can remember the latest snow of the season. And hope that we don't see any more!
Snow in the yard on April 16, 2014

On Wednesday We Pin Pink

We can all use a little eye candy right?

And finally, if you love Mom and pinning, why not enter this? Because Mom, we can all use the 'Ultimate Mother's Day' (for me sleeping for an uninterrupted 3 hours during the day)

Apr 14, 2014

Spring Favorite Things by Valerie Young, Extraordinary Organizing Queen of Maine

Guest Post
With the arrival of Spring... finally!... in the Northeast, we are ready to kick off the grit and grime of winter and prepare for some outdoor fun! Spring is one of those funny seasons in New England where you never know when it's actually going to start, and up in Maine we even have a separate time right after winter called "Mud Season" as all the snow melts and the April showers do their thing (May flowers!). So even though every particle in my OCD body is wanting to get the house, deck, and gardens sparkly and shiny, I know there's going to be the inevitable tracking in of dirt and mud for at least the next few weeks.

So today I bring you my Spring "Favorite Things" that help to make sure all of my spring cleaning doesn't go to waste! As a Mainer, plenty of my house is outfitted in the classic L.L. Bean gear. And for good reason - their lifetime guarantee, free shipping, and high quality make buying their products a no-brainer option. (I'm not receiving anything for talking up their goods, but if they want to send me some love, all the better!) One thing that is a MUST HAVE for mud season is a water hog mat.

L.L. Bean Water Hog Mat

This sucker gets the majority of the dirt off of boots before it can enter your house. Adorable dog not included, unfortunately. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors - we've got one outside on the deck and inside the door as well.

For storing boots and umbrellas, I'm crushing on the Smith & Hawken collection from Target. A copper tray for the boots and a basket for umbrellas, with a cute little chalkboard label to let the kiddos, visitors, and even the Mr. (!) know where to put their wet things.

Finally, as this is meant to be a Spring organization post, I share with you some quick tips for keeping your mud room neat and tidy. Nothing helps someone who is naturally a bit more messy to appear organized better than baskets. They are a working mom's best friend! You can stash things away, yet keep everyday items easily accessible. Plus, they are easy to use for kids to "help" clean up as well. I really love this pocket cubby from Land of Nod, which can hang right on a wall.
Land of Nod Numbered Wall Hanger

Perfect for sunglasses & sunblock, keys, toys, or whatever else goes in the "drop zone"! Wicker and woven baskets are always a nice touch, and you can get liners (or learn how to make one here) in all different colors to match your decor. You can always just hang up some pretty hooks, drape a tote bag there, and stash stuff right inside the bag!

Anthropologie Hooks

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, you'll want to spend more time outside enjoying things and less time cleaning up dirty footprints or searching for suntan lotion. Take a few minutes to spruce up your mud room, and enjoy the efficiency all year long!

Thanks, Melissa, for having me over to Grace & Josie! XOXO, Valerie

Read more from Valerie, Maine's crafty organizing guru, at http://craftingkitty.blogspot.com/

Apr 12, 2014

Apr 11, 2014

Mommy Must Have

File this under: Things I Can't Live Without

This post is an ode to my favorite beauty product, Benefit's 'Fake Up'. I originally received a full size sample of this at SXSW last year in Benefit's SXSW Survival Kit and have been hooked ever since. Considering the fact that most of my beauty products have been acquired via the sample process, the fact that I actually repurchase this one is huge. 

So why do I love it? As a mom, I haven't not had dark circles under my eyes in more than 2 years. This stuff is the best product I've found to make me look human. It's hydrating (see the white part down there?) and covers my dark circles all day. So you see, even if I don't have time for the whole routine, I'll always be sure to use this. 

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Benefit, I just love their product! ♥ There is however an Amazon referral link above.

Apr 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: That time Grace ate a coaster

Ok so to be fair, it was just a little nibble. But seriously. From what I remember there were at least 4 adults around as we were at the beach house in Maine. Awww she looks so tiny here! 

How I Felt About Humanity Today

I blame the internet.

Disclosure: I posted this after a long day and immediately following a FB private message that started with "Hi. I'm an inspiring model/actress..."

I've been waiting to debut the short sleeves!

I tried so hard to get a good shot of this spring outfit this morning but every photo features Grace on the move (read: motion blurs, not looking at the cameras, etc.)

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1euDkNm

Apr 7, 2014

April Showers

Now, please note that I am in no way endorsing rain. But if it has to rain (and I guess it does...) let's enjoy this indulgent little Hello Kitty rain gear number.

April Showers

Apr 5, 2014

On our 4th Wedding Anniversary (it's time to share the gratuitous Wedding photos again!)

On Thursday, my husband and I shared our 4th Wedding Anniversary (and a bottle of red that I am still feeling today...oof). Life has changed quite a bit for us in the past 4 years. Homes bought (2), homes sold (1), babies brought into this world (1), close family members lost (2), laughs shared (∞), eyes rolled (well...)

Anyway, enough of that! It's the one time of year when I can break out my wedding photos from Jamaica. The photo above, well it's not even from our wedding in Jamaica - long story but we had another wedding with more family members back in Rhode Island in June 2010 at Glen Manor House in Portsmouth. So now you can see how Grace had 2 birthday parties. It's a sickness.

And for all of you former brides out there, I give you permission to share your photos on your anniversary. Why not? You put all that work into planning, dealt with the emotional rollercoaster and royal pain in the ass that is a wedding. The LEAST you can do is reflect. So do it. Share them.

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