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Blogging 101: Great Tips for the Beginner Blogger

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Pinterest posts for the beginner blogger. If you'd like to peruse my entire collection, click here. Even if you're not what one would consider a "Beginner Blogger", the tips are a helpful refresher. Actually, as I put this post together I took a moment to reflect on my blogging past and discovered that I've been at it for almost 9 years. Whoa. Really?? While my darling Grace and Josie is just over a year old, my faithful old Jemstaa has been around for almost a decade. I get quite a kick out of reading the old posts from my 'fresh out of college days'. Here's a peek at my early corporate days and the 2nd post I wrote.

And now for your tips! Here you'll find some items to add to your to-do list including 1) find your passion 2) support other bloggers by regularly commenting 3) update your header

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Here's a direct link to this post:

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