Sep 27, 2014

That time we went to the beach on September 27th.

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Next stop: Playground

Wow. We had a spectacular day here in Rhode Island and tomorrow is shaping up to be just as nice! I saw 85 glorious degrees on my car's thermometer and I even had to bring the shorts and flip flops out of retirement to celebrate!

And here's the final image:

Sep 16, 2014

Get this pillow y'all

**Update: Today (9/17) Only Use Code ShopPop40 for 40% off your purchase**

Need to add a pop of Texas to your living room? Heaven knows I do! There's always a place in my heart for my SXSW brethren, Austin's BBQ, and Geekery. 

I'm also posting this to keep you up on the latest trends. As you recall, my dear sister is the artist behind Restudio Designs. In addition to her Etsy shop, she also contributes to DENY Designs. If you've never heard of it but love cool designs and quirky gift ideas today is your lucky day! Go check it out!
THIS pillow (see below) is a hot seller. And so I'm letting y'all in on this now so you can go forth and beat the bandwagon. 

TEXAS MAP Throw Pillow By Restudio Designs


Throw Pillow

By Restudio Designs

By the way, this post is not sponsored. My sister didn't pay me (although she should now offer me some free babysitting services) and neither did DENY Designs.

Sep 13, 2014

Little Red Riding Boots: Favorite Riding Boots for Fall

One of my favorite cold weather staples is footwear of the boot variety. Specifically, I'm feeling Riding boots.

I have the most wonderful pair of boots from Etienne Aigner that I have faithfully worn into the ground. Like to the point where I either need to track down my very own cobbler or pull the trigger and get a new pair.

Here are some that are on my list:
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Little Red Riding Boots

Little Red Riding Boots by jemstaa featuring black boots

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored and as always contains my own personal preferences and opinions. If you do choose to shop through my Mavatar Shopping Cart there are affiliate links so I could be paid a small commission (which would be awesome!).

Sep 8, 2014

iPhone Wallpaper Freebies to make you smile

iPhone Wallpaper Freebies

Best iPhone Wallpapers To Make You Smile Every Time You Pick Up Your Phone

Who doesn't need a little motivation in their day? 

How about every time you unlock your phone (which is at least 100x/day with me!)? I've been on a big iPhone Wallpaper kick lately on Pinterest (maybe you've seen it...) and love to download a few and change them out depending on my mood/type of inspiration I'm seeking. 

Today, whilst waiting at the DMV to transfer my out of state plates, I made a few for you. I'm such a Giver. Please take them. Save them to your phone (super easy to do if you're on your phone, just double tap or hold down for a second, or some combination of that until you see a 'Save Image' option). Or, if you like them, save them for later by pinning them. Also easy! Just hover over the image. 

So there you go. I hope you enjoy. I'll be posting some more soon!

Sep 5, 2014

Top Bags for Fall

I'm not ready to start actively sporting my favorite Fall looks. It's been in the high 80's here for God's sake. But, I'm always up for a chat and some window shopping for my favorite Fall products. I mean, no other season gets me as excited for fashion like FALL!

What I really love about these bags are the colors (rich plums, pretty red, cool greens, leopards) and the shapes. Curious to see them all? Click on the link below to take a look at my shopping cart on Mavatar.

(By the way, did I mention that Mavatar is a really cool way to shop? I met them on #StyleChat and was sold when they were able to offer shopping cart monitoring to help me find the best deal! Learn more here.)

Kate Spade Handbag
kate spade Cedar Street Maise handbag

Michael Kors Hamilton Traveler Tote

Tory Burch handbag
Tory Burch York Buckle Tote

Tory Burch handbag
Tory Burch Kerrington Leopard Mini Crossbody Bag

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Sep 2, 2014

Follow Your Instincts

I hope you all had an awesome Labor Day Weekend! Unless you were laboring and then I hope you get to enjoy a day or three while the rest of us are at work so you don't have to deal with long lines and traffic.

We had a good ol' fashioned Summery time. Beach, Bounce House, and even some watermelon.

We also made a trip to Ikea. Which felt so right. You see, we've always been on the late August/September moving schedule so I can't even tell you the number of times we've made the trip to Ikea (the one outside of Boston) on Labor Day Weekend. Of course, it's probably hands down the craziest weekend to visit Ikea but for some reason we were drawn there. Instinct. It's the only explanation.

It was a successful trip though. Grace was well behaved, the crowds weren't terrible and we got everything we needed - and a tunnel/tent! My husband brought up the idea on Saturday, so we could finally get an island for our kitchen. We did a little light Googling and found one that looked perfect. Everything still looked good in-store so off to the warehouse we went! Getting the heavier box in the house was a nightmare, per usual, but what would an Ikea trip be if my husband and I weren't arguing about lifting/moving box techniques.

I know this picture is blurry but it perfectly represents Ikea assembly with a toddler. Daddy perfectly lays out all of his materials, just in time for toddler to come swooping in! (Meanwhile Mom takes a picture of the whole scene going down.)
By the time I put Grace to bed (it is quite a routine..) Matt had the island mostly assembled. Easy. Then it was my job to put the chairs together. I have to admit, it felt good to get my hands on those Ikea pegs again. Since moving last year, I don't think we've bought anything at Ikea in a looooong time. My two pieces of parting advice to you:

1. Don't marry a man until you've assembled at least 3 pieces of furniture from Ikea together.
2. NEVER and I repeat NEVER use the free Allen wrench that comes with the screws. Save yourself the pain for $14.99.

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