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iPhone Wallpaper Freebies to make you smile

iPhone Wallpaper Freebies

Best iPhone Wallpapers To Make You Smile Every Time You Pick Up Your Phone

Who doesn't need a little motivation in their day? 

How about every time you unlock your phone (which is at least 100x/day with me!)? I've been on a big iPhone Wallpaper kick lately on Pinterest (maybe you've seen it...) and love to download a few and change them out depending on my mood/type of inspiration I'm seeking. 

Today, whilst waiting at the DMV to transfer my out of state plates, I made a few for you. I'm such a Giver. Please take them. Save them to your phone (super easy to do if you're on your phone, just double tap or hold down for a second, or some combination of that until you see a 'Save Image' option). Or, if you like them, save them for later by pinning them. Also easy! Just hover over the image. 

So there you go. I hope you enjoy. I'll be posting some more soon!

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