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25 Best Things About Being a Mom

Since becoming a mother almost 2 years ago, I was amazed to discover so many things about the world. Some (not all on this list) things that only Moms can understand/appreciate, because clearly I had no clue just 2 short years ago.
I'll keep updating this post because our kids continue to grow and we continue to grow as Moms (oh and I keep discovering more hilarious truisms).

So, without further ado, I present you with the 25 Best Things About Being a Mom - through animated GIFs.

1. Hugs!

2. When Your Kids Behave

3. Grandparents

4. Couponing

5. Teething

6. Date Night

7. Target Shopping By Yourself

8.  Playing Catch 

9. When Only Mommy Will Do

10. Getting Hand-me-downs

 11. The 15 Minutes After Bedtime

12. First 6 Weeks of Being a Mom

 13. Public Tantrums

14. Getting Advice From Other Moms

15. Saying No

 16. Finding Leftover Snacks in My Purse

17. When Someone Offers to Babysit

18. When Toddlers Want to Assert Their Independence

19. Trips to Toys R US

20. When Your Kid Breaks Something Outside of Your House

 21. Taking Your Toddler to a Restaurant

22. Leaving the Room When Baby Falls Asleep

23. A 3 Hour Nap (Yeah Right!)

 24. Meeting Other Moms for Wine (Take me with you!)

25. Mom Arms.

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