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30 Day Mac & Cheese Cleanse (30 Toddler Meals)


Happy New Year! As we're all aware, January is the month for resolutions, cleanses, clean slates, etc. Last year, my husband and I embarked on a Juicing Odyssey after watching one too many Netflix documentaries (Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead) and while we didn't stick with it all year, it was still a good experience and we do continue to juice, but not as regularly as we'd like. And also..beware, as I always say, "you're just one Netflix documentary away from becoming a vegetarian", so just tread lightly in that department. I was a vegetarian for a while and it made me totally sick because clearly I wasn't responsible enough to not get a vitamin deficiency. But I digress. 

We're here to talk about my toddler! She's now almost 2, which is the easy way to put that she's 22 months, or 1 year and 10 months, or will be 2 in February, you get the idea. You see, even at the age of almost 2 Grace has an unhealthy obsession with macaroni and cheese. She would literally eat it at every meal if it were up to her. Every time I ask her what she wants to eat the answer is usually the same. Macaroni and Cheese.

I figured it was time to step in. Now, it's not like we're feeding her macaroni and cheese around the clock, but we do give in to it more than we should so we've challenged ourselves to come up with some yummy alternatives. So here we go!

The photo above is actually Grace eating and enjoying Spinach Crepes from Crazy Burger in Narragansett. When my husband ordered them for her I was shocked, but even more so when she happily ate them! So give these things a try. Your kids might surprise you!

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