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Latest Netflix Obsession: Scandal, followed by Revenge

Thanks to modern technology, we as a people have the ability to consume entire shows- seasons upon seasons- during one Christmas break.

Now, Matt and I have been binge watching since the early days when the work had to be done by collecting seasons of DVDs. I have fond memories of watching hours and hours of LOST on a tiny portable DVD player.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand! My latest Netflix obsessions are Scandal and Revenge. I started watching them right before Thanksgiving and have been hooked ever since. I know I know, still! Yes, I have to share screen time with a toddler who demands Despicable Me 2 night and day and a husband who has his own Netflix obsession agenda (including Lilyhammer, House of Cards, etc.).

Let's start with Scandal. The idea came from this post actually came out of the fact that so many of my friends have mentioned recently that they're watching Scandal - like just started watching it. The show has been on for quite a while actually but like many cult followings, a few seasons on Netflix will really lure in the viewers.

So why should you watch? Because Olivia Pope is someone you want on your side. She's a fixer. She has a killer wardrobe. And she's got a direct line to Elmo. Just kidding but I know the Moms will appreciate two worlds colliding.

When I need a break from Scandal I watch Revenge. My mom and I started watching Revenge together so that's our thing. It's more of a guilty pleasure show - way more soap-opera like but sooo good!

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