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Hanging with Mom

On New Year's Eve Gracie and I had a girls day. 
And it was fabulous.

We cooked up a special treat in her new kitchen.
Pink sweater with leopard collar - Gymboree // Black leggings with attached tutu - Circo (Target) 
And even shared a civilized beverage (her: apple juice me: peppermint mocha frappuccino) at Starbucks.
I can't get over how well behaved she can be as long as she has my complete attention and isn't in need of a nap! Also keep in mind that we're just coming off the 15-20 month crazy toddler time which was stressful to say the least! 
Now that she's just shy of 2, we've noticed a big difference in her attention span and which has made going out to eat a possibility once again! Yay for crayons and Pauline Picasso's love for coloring!

"Hi People!" her favorite greeting to everyone who walks in.

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