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Tutorial: Make an Animated GIF of Your Baby’s First 12 Months


Are you ready for a fun project? If you’re like me and LOVE animated GIFs it’s time to learn how to make your own! Now, my subject is Grace’s Monthly photo shoot, but you can use this tutorial to make a GIF about anything.

First Things First!
Before you begin your project, decide on your subject and gather your photos.

If you do want to make a GIF based on monthly photo shoots here's some additional info: 
I recommend monthly photo shoots with your little one starting at 1 month old. If you have a white onesie and monthly stickers, even better! We found these stickers on Etsy for around $10. I guess you could even make your own if you were feeling particularly crafty!

Step One: Download Photoscape (free)
I trust CNET, it may look a bit dodgy but it's legit. Use this link

Step Two: Open Photoscape and click on Animated GIF
Step Three: Select Folder and start adding your photos

Step Four: Edit Your Settings
Once you’ve dropped in the photos you want to use you can:
  • Change Time
  • Change Effect
  • Set Canvas Size (note: this is where you will really affect the size of your output file, if you need a smaller file size, set your canvas size around the 300 px mark.)
  • Background Color
  • Image Size (Stretch or Full)
  • Photo Alignment

·    Step Five: Name Your File and Save

That's it!

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