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The DIY Brick Fire Pit Project

How to Make a Brick Fire Pit in a Weekend

Once upon a time when we were childless and had a entire 3 day weekend free we decided to construct a brick fire pit in our backyard. This was Matt's idea, of course, after seeing a "simple" how to article in Handyman Magazine. Part of me kind of misses those days. When we would tackle intermediate level home improvement projects and gain valuable skills. For this one it was our first foray into cement and masonry.

I covered the experience on my other blog (pre-baby means pre-Grace and Josie blog) so I'll recount that tale here for you, albeit in a nice condensed, easy to follow along guide.

Welcome to the consolidated post for our DIY Brick Fire Pit. To be fair, you'll probably need a "3 Day Weekend", unless you are able to avoid some of the pitfalls we experienced! Another tip, make sure you seek out your materials ahead of time. Please message me if you have any questions!

First of all, here is the original plan from Handyman Magazine.

A time-lapse of the project.

DIY Brick Fire Pit Day One
Where you will find info about  DIY 36 round concrete forms.
(spoiler alert - you'll need this!)

DIY Brick Fire Pit Day Two
Everything you wanted to know about fire brick (did you know you can find it on Amazon?) and mortar!

DIY Brick Fire Pit Day Three
Finishing up this project

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