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What J.Crew Short length is right for you?

I've been wearing a lot of J.Crew this summer. Maybe it was their endless taunting with sale emails, maybe it was the new location that opened up a hop, skip and a jump from the office...

Regardless, they got me back into shorts. I can't remember the last time I was regularly wearing shorts! I've just always felt so awkward in them!

I tried a few different lengths with the J.Crew shorts and found a comfort in almost all of them! I have the 3" the color below Neon Pear, the 4" in brilliant coral, and the Andie (longer length) in a dreamy mint cream and Neon Flamingo. The only length that was not optimal was the 5". I still have them in Rose Tile with tags on and will probably resell them in the March time period (better resale value).

Here's my rundown of lengths:
3 Inch - Shortest length a 30 yr old Mom should venture to try. Felt really short at the start of summer but I always made sure to cover up my shoulders when wearing them as not to show too much skin! Great to wear to the beach, but I wouldn't wear them to a family picnic.
4 Inch - Felt more comfortable with the coverage and the didn't ride up nearly as much when sitting. A great all-around short. Good for hot days!
5 Inch - Maybe it's just my legs but the length felt bunchy and awkward. Not my favorite fit.
Andie (9 Inch) - Comfortable short for trekking around town (or to Block Island). Looks best with sleeveless tops. Great option if the weather is cooler or for evenings. Too hot for hot days (but better than pants I suppose!)

I also scooped up the t-shirt below. It's my new favorite. ♥
Endless Summer

J Crew white top

Chino shorts

Kate Spade slim wallet

Swarovski earrings

Ray-Ban retro sunglasses

Essie nail polish

Well my friends, here's to an Endless Summer (if that's your thing). I would gladly give up the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and scarves for a few more months of flip flops. See how positive I've been? I haven't even complained once about how COLD this summer has been. Do you know we haven't even had a single heatwave (my favorite!).

What's your favorite season?

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