Apr 5, 2019

Spring Giveaway Alert

Spring Fashion Giveaway from The Trendy Girl boutique

My friend Desiree over at The Trendy Girl, a super fun and fashionable boutique in Westwood, MA has an amazing giveaway happening right now!

I love that you can easily earn bonus entries to increase your chances to win a $25 shopping spree, this Cat Studio Boston Tea Towel, and this Resurfacing Peel from Beautycounter that I've been dying to try! 

Mar 27, 2019

Latest Obsession: Mini Energy Bracelets

March is always the month where I treat myself to something new and fun. Something I've wanted, but haven't been able to pull the trigger. Some say it's called buying yourself your own birthday presents, I say it's self-care.

Either way, I want to share with you what I got this year.

Mini Gemstone Energy Bracelets from Sivana

March Birthstone Aquamarine Mini Energy Bracelet

Mar 25, 2019

Spring Boots for Little Girls

Light Up Rain Boots
Rain boots have come a long way. I can't remember ever being excited about wearing them! That's for sure! 

Meanwhile, my girls are currently obsessed with these light up rain boots that I found on Amazon. How obsessed? Well, Brooke hasn't stopped wearing them for two weeks straight (and she can even put them on herself!) and even her sister, who is 3 and a half years older, steals them and crams her feet into them. This issue came to a head last week when we took their Pepere to dinner, and the girls had a major tiff over the boots leading to them each wearing one out of the restaurant.

When their Memere heard about this, she promptly purchased a pair for Grace, and she proudly stomped off to school with them on this morning.

Light up girls rain boots on amazon

Unfortunately, I washed out their true color in these photos for the sake of artistic license and a Lightroom preset that I like to use. 

Mar 14, 2019

How I Feel About Outdoor Play Sets

A time ago I was obsessed with getting something that my girls could play with in the backyard. We finally had a fence to keep them in and I fantasized about them spending hours playing outside (and not interrupting me). For far too long my husband was anti-backyard play things. He didn't like the maintenance or the fact that it would be in the way of his lawn mowing. Finally, I either convinced him, or just plain old bought this beauty on Amazon. 

The Little Tikes Princess Cape. Adorable. 

I assembled it quickly and the girls were so ready to play. For some reason, perhaps it was the weather in early spring, I assembled it inside and they played with it in our sunroom for a few weeks before I put it outside. 

So they played on an off, it wasn't a huge magnet for playing outside, but enough. 

And then the curse of the Little Princess Cape began. First it was the dead squirrels (2) that we found in and around the house. Weird. We still don't know what caused that. Then it was this terrible hurricane like wind storm to completely total the house. See below.

Little Tikes Princess Cape Review

Mar 5, 2019

My Birthday Wishlist

Mom's Birthday Wishlist

March is my birthday month (yay Pisces!) and despite the fact that I've already had 36 birthdays, I'm always ready for more! I love celebrating my birthday!

Here's a look at what's on my birthday wishlist this year.


Jade Roller Amazon Gifts for Mom
Jade Roller ($14)

Drunk Elephant

Skincare for my tired, sometimes dry, sometimes neglected Mom face. Drunk Elephant is amazing, well-branded, and works. Last year, I got the two serum kits below for my birthday. If you have been wanting to try Drunk Elephant - go for it! 

Drunk Elephant Night Serum Kit Gifts for Mom
Drunk Elephant Night Serum Kit ($28)
Drunk Elephant Day Serum Kit Gifts for Mom
Drunk Elephant Day Serum Kit ($23)
Drunk Elephant Littles Kit Gifts for Mom
Drunk Elephant Littles Kit ($90)


Modern Guide to Crystals Gifts for Mom
Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing
Ultimate Guide to Crystals Gifts for Mom
The Ultimate Guide to Crystals & Stones
You Are a Badass Every Day Gifts for Mom
You Are a Badass Every Day


Chiomate Watercolor pens
Mix Media Notepad
Ready to Paint Flowers
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