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Spring Boots for Little Girls

Rain Boots for Little Girls

Light Up Rain Boots
Rain boots have come a long way. I can't remember ever being excited about wearing them! That's for sure! 

Meanwhile, my girls are currently obsessed with these light up rain boots that I found on Amazon. How obsessed? Well, Brooke hasn't stopped wearing them for two weeks straight (and she can even put them on herself!) and even her sister, who is 3 and a half years older, steals them and crams her feet into them. This issue came to a head last week when we took their Pepere to dinner, and the girls had a major tiff over the boots leading to them each wearing one out of the restaurant.

When their Memere heard about this, she promptly purchased a pair for Grace, and she proudly stomped off to school with them on this morning.

Light up girls rain boots on amazon

Unfortunately, I washed out their true color in these photos for the sake of artistic license and a Lightroom preset that I like to use. 

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