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Movin' On Up

Moving day has finally arrived! We moved into our new upstairs space over the weekend and I wanted to share my moment of Zen. Freshly vacuumed carpet, clean windows, and no stuff. 

It doesn't look like this now of course, after about 10:30 on Saturday morning the chaos began. At least this time it was pretty manageable. No boxes to unpack, just a million trips up and down the stairs. There was also the dust bunny wrangling downstairs after we moved all the furniture. Impressively large dust bunnies. And various artifacts that have been missing since who knows when. Phone charger, socks, 4 binkies, lipstick, 1 slipper...

A fresh start

Grace's room was fun to put back together again. She wasn't home at the time (hence the tranquility in this image) and I knew as soon as she arrived we'd disagree on the number of toys displayed in her room. It's funny because that evening we went out and bought her an official big girl bed so the toddler bed isn't even there anymore. I'll post an update as soon as the new bedding arrives early next week!
Grace's New Setup

All in all it was a successful transition and overall successful renovation! I measure this by the amount of hostility between my husband and I and there was virtually none! By now we've moved 8 times together and I know how ugly it can get. :)

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