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Our Renovation Story: Drywall Day

Drywall Day was a big event in our house. Framing is fun and all, but after a drywall session you can really see it all coming together. Once everything was framed we really got an idea of how big all the rooms ended up - it was a nice surprise! This was also the point where Matt and I patted each other on the back for our decision to go with a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom. A decision Matt originally brought up because he's tall and has a fear of ceiling fans that are too short. 

 Existing stairway leading to 2nd floor and 2nd floor hallway looking at bathroom. 

Bedroom sitting room view left and view right.

View of master bedroom and vaulted ceiling. View of bathroom with shower enclosure.

View of Melissa's giant dream closet.

View of Gracie's room.

Timeline-wise, this must have been in January. Keep in mind, I didn't get any shots of the plumbing and electrical that went into the walls.

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