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Weekend in Review: 4th of July Festivities

Happy 4th of July America! To all of you who survived it without central air, well done! Boyyyy was it hot this weekend. So hot, I was actually excited to come to work for the climate control. 

So what did Grace's weekend hold? Ice cream and fireworks on the 4th. Here she is top left sporting a festive red shirt. Her official festive outfit had long been destroyed at this point in the day.
We discovered that fireworks are not her fave thing in the world. Oh well, they're not for everyone. We also discovered that toddlers don't care how far away you had to park when they want to leave. 

On Friday we met up with Grace' grandparents in Tiverton for some fried seafood (especially clamcakes) and chowder. Grace has on Memere's favorite jellies but what she really wants is to leap off of that dock into the questionable water below. Here we discovered that Evelyn's seaside restaurant isn't baby-proof unless you want to constantly man-handle your toddler away from the water's edge, docks, or a parking lot entirely made of shells while you wait for a table.

On Saturday we got all dolled up for a fancy cocktail party in a green and yellow 60's Mod dress from Baby Gap. Grace didn't realize she was booked as the evening's entertainment, but didn't seem to mind playing the part. Tonight we discovered that our toddler's favorite cocktail joke is pointing to everyone's beverage saying "Yummy yummy yummy beer". She's 16 months old. I'm pretty sure that's not a lesson on Baby Einstein.

By Sunday we were delirious from the heat. Inside our house the temperature was 88F. IN.SIDE.
We packed up 3 bags and headed to the Zoo/Splash Park in the next town. This was Grace's first trip to the Zoo and she really enjoyed seeing all of the different animals. Especially if they fell under one of four categories: Kitty Cat, Doggie, Bird or Monkey. Which surprisingly she was able to fit most of the animals into those categories.

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