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While Grace is asleep tonight, all I can think about is winter dread. Sorry, no toddler fashion or gift guides tonight. This is something I struggle with every year and tonight it's time for a solution.

I tweeted this:

Moments later, people were in agreement. Yes! We should start a group! Let's drink wine and peruse! Ok, that was my idea... But something must be done.

The older I get the worse it gets. Winter. Blech. "You should love winter, you're a skier!" Well yes, it's true that I was born and bred a skier, but I'm a skier that prefers warm, sunny March over blustery January. Although, I am a true New England skier because I don't mind skiing on sheer ice. It's what I know, you know?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. In all likelihood I suffer from Season Affective Disorder but I've tried light therapy and it's only moderately effective. What I really need is a distraction! Warm sunny beaches, reminders of summer. All of us who can't deal with winter need this! So let's help each other and forget winter. Granted, things will be ok through the busyness of the Holidays but when January and February happen upon us we'll need each other. Trust me.

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Block Island - Summer 2013
Negril Sunset - April 2010
How do you cope with Winter?

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