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For Mom: I'm So Tired

The gift giving season is right around the corner and I've got something that's sure to speak to any Mom out there. The truth is, I've had my eye on this shirt for a few weeks now thanks to Pinterest. I almost considered buying it on the spot, but I ended up sending the link to my husband instead. Hint hint! These UGG slippers have also been on my Christmas list for years but I just can't justify them when I have a pair from LL Bean. Damn. Those things last forever. And Philosophy's Hope is Not Enough? I actually received this as a shower gift in a Philosophy kit for new Moms and it's great. Not quite a substitute for sleep but as a Mom I'll take what I can get sometimes.

So take some notes, either put them on your wishlist or your shopping list and continue to scroll down if you want to know why I'm so tired.

I'm So Tired.

As soon as I pinned this I thought about it everyday. As a Mom this goes through my head several times a day. I think it started as soon as Grace was born, wait no, as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Once she arrived, as new parents know, it was a tiredness that you've never experienced before ever in your life. And looking back, she wasn't even that bad of a sleeper! What were we even complaining about. Once Grace hit about 10 or 11 months, I can't even remember now but it was near Christmas of last year, she BLOSSOMED with this insane energy that was activated by first her ability to stand up, then walk, climb and move about and then her vocalization, which she started very early. Honestly, it's very entertaining and I wouldn't be surprised if she became a performer with all the antics we've seen so far. She's clearly my little extrovert and I'm her introvert. While all her energy has the power to drain me I have to be careful to give her what she needs so I don't drain her.
On top of parenting our little nut, we both work, have been in the process of selling, closing, moving, searching, buying, and will be closing and moving if all goes well- for at least half of Gracie's life. I also run 2 blogs and sometimes squeeze in some Yoga, while my husband has been dedicated to Yoga and Manic Training so NO WONDER we're both tired. But that's life I suppose. Keep on keeping on.

We love our vibrant, expressive, curious little chatterbox but Gracie, could you chill with us just once and have a LAZY day?? Love Mommy & Daddy, P.S. you'll find us on the couch after you go to sleep- zombified. 

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