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Weekend in Review

Usually when I look back at a weekend at home it's a whirr of paper towels. I honestly don't know how our foremothers survived toddlers before these were invented. Sure, I feel a little guilty about my carbon footprint in this area but seriously, I'm happy to make it up somewhere else.

Aside from the grand messes, we were actually quite productive this weekend! It was kind of nice to reset the productivity vibe in the house after being away for the past few weekends. It also helped that we had Spring Cleaning on our minds as we started to make some strides in that department. When we moved into our house in December, we left quite a few boxes at my Mom's house. It served us well for a while, but now that we've lived in the house for a few months we're just about ready to retrieve the odds and ends (like a cutting board? Or our colander?) We really wanted to wait until it got warmer so we didn't just move boxes from one garage to another. We want to be able to take the time to go through them and decide what to keep, donate, or trash.

The slow and steady approach this time has gone against my grain a bit, but I'm happy with the results so far! Anyone who has visited us since we've moved in would see pretty empty bookshelves, that we're lacking serving bowls, or that we don't have any art on the walls. Hopefully that will all change soon! It gives you a chance to use the new house for a while, step back and see what's really important.

In other news, our toddler has crossed into the Terrible Two Territory. It's like living with a tiny Tempest in a Teapot. Poor little thing, she goes through phases of rabid curiosity where she gets into EVERYTHING. It's almost like we've regressed to the 15-18 month mark where she was relentlessly trying to either kill herself or make a colossal mess. We've got that again but she's even more stubborn. What a nut.

Oh and did I mention she figured out how to get out of her crib right before I left for Austin so we converted her crib into a toddler bed. Transitions are fun!

Stopping for lunch on our way back from Home Depot. I told you we were productive today! And this is seltzer water. I stopped drinking Diet Coke in February and this was one of the reasons why... she kept demanding whatever I had. Time to grow up and be a role model I guess!

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