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5 Reasons Why I Love My New Favorite Sunscreen @Supergoop

Another Mom Must Have for you, just in time for summer! As you know, my Mom Must Haves are based on the products' own merits and not provided to me by the company (i.e. they didn't pay me to say this). I did recently receive another Supergoop product in my Birchbox (the serum), but I haven't even tried it yet. I will be sure to let you know how it works out!

♥ Why I Love It:
1. It's free of the yucky stuff (paraben, synthetic fragrance, and oxybenzone)
2. Lightweight and not greasy
3. Easy to apply and rub in
4. Wears great under your make up
5. Doesn't irritate my eyes when I start rubbing them by the end of the day!

Love it? You'll need the Supergoop Deluxe!

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