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Where to start.

Writer's block, decision fatigue, work, the holidays, renovation realities - the list could go on. And also all legitimate reasons why the content on my blog has been suffering lately. And also the last I'll allow myself the excuses. I gave myself time to rest mentally but decided today that I just had to start again. I had a really hard time just getting a start to type this post. But here I am. So now that I've felt all of the things above - how do I get my groove back? As a writer, a maker, a content creator I know you've all been there. For me, I'm not motivated to make money with this blog. I'd be well below the poverty line if that was my goal. It really has been a wonderful creative and social outlet for me, but when I've got a lot going on, I really have to consciously recharge those creative juices and sometimes, unfortunately I guess, I tend to withdraw (to Soda Crush). But again, here I am. Hopefully I've broken through the ice.

Also, if anyone needs a blogging accountability partner and you have a penchant for sharing hilarious GIFs just let me know ; )

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