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February in New England

Are we there yet? No? You mean it's still February.

I feel like the Super Bowl was eons ago and at that point we'd only had that one little blizzard, with another storm to start later Super Bowl Night and then snow at least every 3 days since.

The Super Bowl was actually fun to watch this year wasn't it? Well if you're a New England fan, and let's face it, that's mostly my circle, and my Twitter friends and I don't really openly discuss football on the regular. Besides, New England deserved a good game to watch after those past couple with the Giants... ouch.

Anyway, back to this Siberian Hell Hole we call home. What the heck. See this picture here, this was on Monday (a President's Day holiday for us) and the only day I spent more than 30 minutes outside all winter.

We had a good time. We established that Daddy is a fast sledder and Mommy is a slow sledder. We sledded and sledded until Mommy stuck her foot out and sprayed us both in the face with that icky white stuff. Game over. Nap time.

So what's next? I'm finally coming upon a part of the year that I can tolerate. I might be finally able to slide out of this winter funk. First up is Gracie's 3rd birthday party on Saturday, followed by a much anticipated cruise to the Bahamas, followed by my annual trip to Austin for SXSW in March which also coincides with my birthday this year. By the time it's all over it will be light out at night! And maybe even warmish! Except for I keep remembering how cold it was in March last year. Because I'm a masochist like that.

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