Mar 28, 2015

Honest Co. Bergamot Sage Deodorant Review

I'e tried just about every product in the Honest Co. collection so now it's time I give my underarms a little love ❤️

The Verdict: I LOVE the smell of this product. I believe it's Bergamot and Sage. It's delightful. One of my biggest gripes with ladies' deodorant is the smell of them. Before this I actually switched to Secret Unscented due to very high Amazon ratings and it works perfectly for me. Which leads me to another reason why I was prompted to buy this deodorant from Honest Co.... What the heck is in deodorant? I'm not 100% sure, and I don't know really if it is harmful or not, but I figured I would try the all-natural route and see how it works for me.

The directions say to spritz the deodorant under arm and apply as needed... Be warned. This stuff stings a little. Well a little if you haven't recently shaved A LOT if you have. I kind of started to like it though, makes me feel like a bit of a martyr for good health or something.

How effective is it? Well let's just say that you can probably use this on any average, not very stressful day. I had it on one day this week when I had to give a presentation and it left me a sweaty mess. I'll stick with my back up Secret Unscented on those days I guess!

So what do you think? Will you try the Honest Co. Deodorant?

Disclosure: I was not paid by the Honest Co. no was this product provided to me, however this post contains an affiliate link.

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