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A breach in the "no costumes" policy

As a parent you'll have plenty of "how did this happen" moments. For example, how did my 3 year old get out of the house wearing a Super Girl costume complete with boots - despite a rock solid "no costumes out of the house unless it's Halloween or you are spectating Frozen on Ice" policy in the Carrier Household?
Life with a 3 year old means I've been dealing with almost daily negotiations of dress code for about 530 days now. Is this normal? Is this life with Grace? I don't really know. What I do know is that Grace has a taste for the fancy, the flamboyant, and ohhh the accessories. If she had her way she'd be wearing a ball gown complete with gloves and heels to preschool every day. Mais non, ce n'est pas possible. We had to institute a strict no costumes out of the house rule and despite the fact this debate still rages on at least once a week, have managed to uphold it. Until last Friday night. We were hanging at home and I had just put this costume on her when Daddy suggested we join him for a ride to pick something up. That something was beer FYI. Knowing we'd stay in the car, I loaded in Grace and we zoomed off down the street. The liquor store turned into the playground which turned into ice cream. So we ended up traipsing all over town in a Super Girl costume. 

Super Girl Raves the Day

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