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One Week until Due Day!

I've officially made it to the 39 week mark which means 1 week until my official due date. I will also note that it could be another 10 days, taking us to August 31st. (Read: no frantic Facebook/Instagram posts demanding why I haven't had a baby until at least September 1st.) GOT IT?

Little Miss Spyder got 2 Sprinkles over the past week. The first was work related and the second was thrown by my Mother-In-Law who just couldn't resist a little soiree for her grandbaby to be. It was really nice this time around to celebrate the new baby without going overboard. Matt and I were pretty adamant that this time around "less baby stuff is more".

Grace has been enjoying her status as Baby Numero Uno for a few more days. We visited DaddyO at work and stopped by Nana's Backyard Waterpark for some low key (for me) fun.

And the whole family has been celebrating my sister's new puppy Addi. ♥

Want more of this adorable Teddy Bear Dog? Follow him @

Overall I'm feeling good with ups and downs. I'm not in a rush for it to be over, although a little relieved to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I think about it, I've been pregnant for a LONG time. Since the end of November really. I need that turkey sandwich. And the white wine.

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