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Glitter Bombs

It's no great surprise that Grace is a fan of tutu fashion and over her four short years of existence, she's amassed quite the collection.

Recently, however, a new and horrible breed of tutu has entered our domicile. THE GLITTER SHEDDER. Like a fairy spreading cheer  the wind spreading pollen uncontrollably over my house because I left a window open in May (I'll never make that mistake again), the glitter has collected on every surface of the house.

My poor husband fell asleep on the couch and woke up with gold glitter all over his face and in his hair. It's still there after vigorous showering. Nine month old Brooke is probably going to grow up with glitter embedded in her scalp.

I furiously vacuumed the couch, but I'll still catch the glimmer of glitter pieces in the sunlight. SMH

The Glitter Offender

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