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Little Ones Need to Move

Wiggle On!
Focal Upright / Safco Active Runtz Active Seating for Children

Why I Sit Actively
If you sit all day at work, I bet you’ve experienced back pain, drowsiness, and lack of focus. 

Am I right?

Worse are the serious health hazards associated with sitting too much--check out this article from the Washington Post about it. Now tell me that infographic isn't terrifying. Yikes.
At my Marketing job at Focal Upright, I use a standing desk and a leaning seat, which positions me halfway between sitting and standing and lets me fidget all I want. My spine feels supported, my core is engaged, and the seat is comfortable, but not as comfortable as a normal office chair--that means I feel naturally encouraged to alternate leaning with standing at my standing desk.

 Runtz: Why Kids Should Sit Actively, Too
This isn’t only a solution for adults. Schools are embracing standing desks and active seating, too, because it’s important to let kids move and embrace that natural tendency to wriggle, shuffle and let out steam. Not to mention its calorie-burning & focus-enhancing magic.

 Active Seating for Kids
Runtz are great additions to the classroom!
I like the Runtz seat (it kind of looks like a little alien). Designed to inspire better posture and balance, this anti-burst ball chair can be used at home or school. At around 11 pounds, it’s also portable enough to bring on the go (and it comes in fun colors: Bubble Gum Pink, Sour Apple Green, Black, and Black Vinyl).
 Shop Runtz Now!
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Remember, these opinion are my own, but I do work for Focal Upright.

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