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Why I Needed a Better Solution

Like most humans of a certain industry (and that industry for me is marketing), I am now working from home 110% of the time with no clear path of getting back to the office anytime soon. Working from home is not necessarily new for me - I spent 2 full years as 100% wfh status, and my current job has always been at least 2x/week wfh. I have the space, I have a door that shuts, a monitor so large that I can see it without my glasses. I have IT ALL. But you know what I didn't' have? A sustainable set up that was going to benefit my mind and body. You see, I had a pretty office chair. It was bright pink and velvet and at the time I HAD TO HAVE IT. While lovely to look at, it started to give out on me. It no longer supported me after sitting in it 9+ hours a day. You know what the worst part is? I know better. I was a Marketing Manager for a standing desk and leaning seat company that convinced others about the merits of NOT sitting for 9 hours a day. (BTW, this company no longer exists and is why I'm not writing about them in this situation/also they didn't offer sit/stand, only stand, hence my likely rebellion of buying a pretty, but ergonomically inferior chair before crawling back to something supportive). ANYWAY, I knew better, which is why when searching for a solution, I had background knowledge of what I was looking for. We did, after all, research all the competition. *wink*

The Sit Stand Desk Set Up

Originally, I was just looking to replace my pink chair. I was nearly ready to hit purchase on either the Herman Miller Sayl chair or the Steelcase Silq chair. Both came with much higher price tags, and since I was looking for specific colors and deals, I ended up spending a lot of time waffling. That's when I navigated my way over to and realized I could get both the chair and the sit stand desk for only a bit more. Sit Stand SmartDesk2 with ErgoChair 2

What I liked about Autonomous is that they have a reputation for high-quality furniture at direct to consumer prices that don't require the typical office furniture middle man. I knew that the set up I'd get from them wouldn't be rickety or fall apart after a year.

The desk has a super smooth white finish and with five height presets, I can quickly raise and lower my desk where I want it to be. The chair has many different adjustments and while initially, I didn't think I'd ever need a headrest, I find myself using it a few times a day, whenever I'm fortunate enough to get on a Zoom with no video.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and the experience. The furniture arrived well packaged and I'm proud to say that I only had to require the assistance of my husband twice. Otherwise, I assembled this set up entirely on my own.

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