5 iPhone Wallpapers You'll Love this February

Happy February friends! Here are some February freebies that I hope you'll love, or at least get you in the mood for love.

January 1 Melissa 0

Forget resolutions, how about just keeping it together.

It's been far too long since my fingers danced across the keyboard for this blog. I miss it.

After various illnesses among every member of my immediate and extended family, we're run down. My bones are tired and I often find myself in bed by 9:30 every night. On top of it, I started a new job three weeks ago that has been exhilarating, but an adjustment as these changes always are.

Today is February 1st and I'm starting to feel better. It's the start of Grace's birthday month and although the calendar looks busier than I'm 100% comfortable with, I'm looking forward to it. Usually February is that short month that feels like 6. With all the snow and brutally cold temps we've had over the past years it's not hard to see why.

Oddly enough, today is 60F! 60 amazing, sunny degrees. I have hope for this February. Are you with me??

Why Does the Shortest Month Feel Like 6?

Tiny Prints Codes for the New Year

Things that actually just happened: 

Twirling across the living room singing to my husband "I am the Queen of Codesssss" and then saving $25 on my Tiny Prints reorder of the photo ornaments of the girls that I purchased a few weeks ago. 

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Happy Coupon Code Redemption! 

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Grace and Josie IRL

They are silly. 

They like playing dress up and the piano. 

Favorite foods include snowman cookies from Starbucks and Pirate Booty. 

20 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby

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