What's In My Cart: J.Crew Clearance

Summer may be taking it's last breath here in New England, but that doesn't mean you can't catch a great deal on some beauties from J.Crew. Here are some of my favorites! I'll admit that these aren't ALL actually in my cart right now. But some are. Can you guess which ones?

For your inner ballerina. Maybe I can wear it to Grace's dance class.

Love the idea of this casual look for an early Fall Saturday.

I officially have way too many striped shirts, but this bandana looks super cute with this outfit!

If you chose the Reversible French bikini top you're right! Find it here.

What's In My Cart: Croc's Sale

Welcome to the first installment in my new series: What's In My Cart?

Today I'm sharing the news that Croc's is once again offering it's semi-annual 50% off clearance special. I love this sale because it's when I replace the girls' favorite Crocs (or try something new).

I've had great luck with the Keeley Glitter Bow Flat. In fact, we probably have four pairs of them at home from Grace. The best part about these glitter shoes? They actually hold up and keep their glimmer - even in the toe area! I can't tell you how many glitter shoes that Grace has that have been destroyed Day 1. These are still looking decent after 2+ years! Good news for her little sister - but this year I sprung and got her a brand new purple pair.

For Grace I picked out the Eve Sparkle Flat in a really pretty blush color. She's 5 now and can keep shoes on her feet without the strap and already has a (now destroyed at the toe) pair of Osh Gosh sparkle cat loafers that need to be replaced. Can't wait to get these!

For myself, I grabbed a pair of Lina Wedges that look very similar to the black Busy Day flats that I wear often. I liked that these have a bit of height to them. I have a ton of flats and these are the only brand that won't make my feet sweat. Let's be honest ladies, the struggle is real. These work.

This is the shoe I ordered for my husband - the Walu. It's slightly different from his last set of Crocs but he wears them constantly. When I told him about the sale he actually wanted two pair.

Now that's some shoe love. 

So that's what's in my cart today. Be sure to check out the sale items asap as items and sizes tend to go fast! Let me know if you buy anything!

Believe it or not, these are not affiliate links so Croc's is giving me no love off of this post.

Back to School Sales

It's the Tuesday after Labor Day and most kids have gone back to school by now. Our Kindergartener had her first day last Wednesday so we feel like pros at this whole school thing now. So much so that we found ourselves dashing for the bus stop this morning... routines are meant to be broken right?

Anyway, one thing that I always find hard to do - but when I do the payoff is SO worth it... Shop Back to School when the sales start!

Auto Updating Promotional Banner

How cute are these seabirds?
Reg. $35.50 - Sale $28.40

Tea Collection Sale - 40% Off

You know I LOVVVE a good sale, especially when I can stock up on Tea Collection. <3

This is going on right now! 

Take an Extra 40% off Sale Styles

That means you can get this swim hoodie for $17.97! I got this earlier in the season for Grace and it is not only completely adorable, but so functional for throwing on after a day at the beach. I might even have to pick one up for Brooke in a larger size so she can have it for next summer as well.

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Happy Shopping!!

5 iPhone Wallpapers for an Endless Summer

It's nearly the middle of August and I have to admit - I don't want summer to end. I want the warm summer nights, salty skin from a day of boating on the Bay, and sand all over my house. Call me crazy, but I do. Here are 5 iPhone wallpapers to save for later. You know when we're knee deep in slushy snow on the way to the car.

I'll still have an iced coffee in my hand though. Seasonal/schmeasonal.

Get Ahead of the Toy Game This Holiday Season

Want an inside track on a hot holiday toy?

Start shopping now!  I'm getting a hot tip that this is going to be the Hatchimal of 2017.

And also, how cute are these little guys?

Interactive Fingerling
Fingerling - Interactive Baby Monkeys

They're called Fingerling Baby Monkeys and are interactive (and snuggly).

  • The monkey above is called Zoe and she loves to grab onto things. . . Especially your fingers!
  • Fingerlings respond to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and silly monkey babble.
  • Blow them kisses and they will kiss you back!
  • Hang them upside-down by the tail and watch them monkey around!
  • Pet them to sleep or make a loud noise and watch them get excited!
I can't wait to get one for the girls! I'll let you know what I think :) I just ordered the little pink one called Bella.

Sleepy Baby Monkey
So sleepy!
*The links above are affiliate links and will bring you to Amazon. You have been warned! Now get on top of things this year!


It's official, the girls LOVE their little monkey Bella. They love it so much that they are constantly fighting over who gets to hold her. To the point where I had to buy another one to keep the peace.