The Unofficial Start to Summer πŸ•Ά️

It's hard to believe that the "unofficial start to summer" is a mere hours away. As I type this, it's back to April Showers, as I feel it has been for the past few weeks. We had a really cold May -grrr. If you know me, I take personal offense to this type of thing.

I've been dying to get outside and make use of our new patio, now complete with fence to keep my two children and chocolate lab puppy from running into the street while I sip my Sauvignon Blanc.

What Else is Going on This Weekend?

Memorial Day Weekend is always a great shopping weekend. Here are a few sales from around the inter webs I've unearthed for you:

My Fav spot for summer dresses - Tea Collection! I've scooped up a few that I know will last all summer and beyond.

Tea Collection Coupon Code

Janie and Jack Sale on Now

Gymboree Sale On Now!


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Spring Styles for Sisters

It's finally feeling as though Spring has sprung after a very drawn out "Sprinter". I've had my eye on these outfits from Tea Collection for weeks (so many weeks) but I couldn't even bring myself to purchase them until the sun came out. And luckily I did wait!! Tea Collection is currently having a 25% off sale on select items and my Spring picks made the list! Check it out for yourself :)

Here are the outfits I got for the girls:

Size 5

Retail Price: $29.50
You Save: $7.55
Size 2

Retail Price: $29.50
You Save: $7.55
Size 5

Retail Price: $35.50
You Save: $10.55
Size 18-24 mo

Retail Price: $29.50
You Save: $5.55
from: Tea Collection

*This post contains affiliate links but my love for Tea Collection is real <3

10 Things Your New Puppy Needs

What does a new puppy need? Here are our Top 10 Suggestions.

Puppies need love, a clean bed, and tiny little morsels of dog food. They also require a lot of other things that were completely foreign to us! When my husband and I decided to get a puppy, we really didn't know what we were in for. Matt didn't grow up with dogs, and while I did, I had no idea what was really involved because apparently my poor mother bore the brunt of the dog duty. We brought home our little bundle of fur on the day before Halloween. Our daughter decided his name would be Theodore Barkley Carrier, and we agreed because honestly, it was adorable the way she said Feodore (still working on that tricky "th" sound.) Now six months old, our "little" Theo has acquired quite the collection of puppy gear and I'm happy to share it with you!

(Spoiler alert: The links below are affiliate links)

1. Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate, Small
Crate Training worked really well for us. Theo quickly outgrew his puppy crate (shown here) and now we have two giant crates, one for each floor.

2. KONG Classic Dog Toy, Medium, Red
We stuff this bad boy with kibble and peanut butter (or sun butter) to keep him busy!

3.Pet Shedding Tool
Theo hasn't started shedding badly yet, but Spring is right around the corner so we're ready for it with this tool that came highly recommended from a Golden Retriever owner.

4. KONG Cozie Ali the Alligator Medium Dog Toy, Green
In a house full of stuffies, Theo gets his own alligator.

5.Gear Aid Tenacious Tape for Fabric Repair, Black
I have had to use this for a total of 4 rips in our down jackets now. It works like a charm.

6.Providence Engraving Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Cat and Dog
Must have for your pet! This is inexpensive AND fast! #win

7. Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed (Fleece/24" x 18"). Washable, Bed, Heavy duty, Crate, Blanket, Chew.
You'll need multiples of theses little fleece beds. Trust us. There is always one in the wash at our house.

8.Realtree Football Dog Toy, Medium
Stuff with treats and enjoy some peace and quiet.

9. Gentle Leader Quick Release Headcollar: Large, Fawn
If you're having trouble with your puppy on a leash, we highly recommend the Gentle Leader. It was a huge help in getting him to not pull on the leash during walks!

10.Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded
Um yeah. I wish we didn't have to include this carpet cleaner, but trust me. You will eventually need it. I'll spare you the details.

Monday Motivation

Welcome to my first Monday Motivation! I need it, I'm sure you can use some too! I've set up a board on Pinterest to collect all of my inspiration for a fresh start each week. This week, the first Monday in March, has me craving green, citrus, and the burning desire to organize.

Half Birthdays and Ski Trips

Happy Half Birthday to the Brookie Cookie!

18 months and glowing! 
I mean... look at those glorious pig tails!

We had a great weekend with the Cookie and Theo (our puppy), while the eldest Carrier was away with Nana on a ski trip (more on that later). It's always refreshing to see how well we can handle and one of our children at a time. Believe me, there are many comments like "how did we ever think one child was hard?". I guess that means we are officially seasoned pros?


Heart Shaped Brownies

The Brownie Pan is quickly turing into one of my most beloved Pampered Chef products! Back in October I shared this round up of Brownie Pan recipes - since then, this pan has gotten plenty of use. In addition to brownies, we've all enjoyed mini-meatloaf, banana bread muffins, and mini-lasagnas.

For this easy hack, simply ball up a small piece of foil and tuck into the corner of your square to create a heart. VoilΓ !