The Second Time Around

As this pregnancy winds down, I want to take a minute to look back at how different my experience with Baby #2 has been.

Let's start with #1. "It Gets Easier" is the paradigm we often apply to things we've experienced before. Afterall, we've done it all, heard it all, are older and wiser, more seasoned.... Except for when it comes to pregnancy there are several factors working against second + time moms here... your body is older (oww), those pesky other children prohibiting you from the unlimited couch time you had before, the paranoia that every twinge you feel is sending you straight into pre-term labor. I could go on, but I won't.

I'm hopeful that my 3 years Mom Experience will be helpful once the baby gets here. I feel like that's really where you cash in as a second time mom. Not that I expect it to be easy of course. But my body knows the sacrifice of getting up multiple times per night now and I think like a Mom and act like a Mom. Now I'll just need some time to hone in on my "Mom of Two" skills like next-level multitasking and arbitration.

Anyway, back to this pregnancy.

What Ails Me
From the beginning I felt just as bad in the first trimester as last time. This time however, I had the added joy of morning sickness and fatigue that kicked off during the Holidays and lasted right through until the end of February. If you're a New Englander, you know how mentally draining this winter was... it was hell for me. In a good winter I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder so this winter was particularly depressing for me. In short. I felt terrible for months. Constant sea sickness with a side of concrete running through my veins from the SAD. Did I mention we were also going through a second floor renovation so every morning at 7 am we had contractors ringing the doorbell?

Once I got through the first trimester I felt great! Just like the first time, I didn't start to show until much later so I was comfortable. Once the third trimester rolled around in May I also felt great from my belly button up and my knees down. No major swelling, migraines have disappeared, and I can actually breathe this time. However. The whole territory from my belly button to my knees has been a hot mess. The issue originates in my hips, affects my pelvis, then circulation to my thighs. My hips pop (cringe) every time I stand up and it's hard to walk any distance. Forget the stairs. 1 flight of stairs and I almost have to sit down my thighs are so tired. I suffered with this for a few weeks before mentioning it to my OB. She ended up writing me a prescription for Physical Therapy to deal with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and Sciatica. After "graduating" 5 weeks of PT, I'm so glad that I went. I still had plenty of pain, limited energy in my legs, and soreness, but I was far less miserable than I would have been. If nothing else, it gave me the empowerment that at least I was doing something and I could stop obsessing over Googling the symptoms.

What I'm Craving
So much Vitamin C! Last time I didn't have a single craving. In fact, I lost my appetite for all three trimesters. It was no fun. This time, my appetite has been much more steady and normal, but the things I've been craving are mostly fruit and vegetables. Luckily it's summer and I can take advantage of that!
  • Lemon water. Hot or cold, just as long as it has a lemon. (see also Del's)
  • Baby Carrots
  • Watermelon (or even Waterlemon water in my Savvy Infuser water bottle)
  • Popsicles, especially sugar free fudgesicles or anything made in my new Zoku Quick Pop Maker
Other Things I'm Not Loving (and I will leave you at this.)

CONTRACTIONS for DAYS. Literally. Last time my water broke so I had a 19 hour delivery. While not optimal, but still overall a good experience, I didn't even realize the alternative was the state I'm currently in and must leave you at because they're getting intense.

See you on the other side!

One Week until Due Day!

I've officially made it to the 39 week mark which means 1 week until my official due date. I will also note that it could be another 10 days, taking us to August 31st. (Read: no frantic Facebook/Instagram posts demanding why I haven't had a baby until at least September 1st.) GOT IT?

Little Miss Spyder got 2 Sprinkles over the past week. The first was work related and the second was thrown by my Mother-In-Law who just couldn't resist a little soiree for her grandbaby to be. It was really nice this time around to celebrate the new baby without going overboard. Matt and I were pretty adamant that this time around "less baby stuff is more".

Grace has been enjoying her status as Baby Numero Uno for a few more days. We visited DaddyO at work and stopped by Nana's Backyard Waterpark for some low key (for me) fun.

And the whole family has been celebrating my sister's new puppy Addi. ♥

Want more of this adorable Teddy Bear Dog? Follow him @

Overall I'm feeling good with ups and downs. I'm not in a rush for it to be over, although a little relieved to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I think about it, I've been pregnant for a LONG time. Since the end of November really. I need that turkey sandwich. And the white wine.

What I'm Currently Craving: Lemons

At 36 weeks pregnant I've been having serious cravings for lemon water. I never really gave it much thought before but now I can't get enough. Like the "have to have, now I'm worried that I don't have another lemon when I get home so I'll probably stop at the grocery store" kind of craving. And damn, I really don't want to have to go to the grocery store after work tonight, but my husband is traveling for work and this need for lemon water is insatiable.

This is a good thing though. For one, I'm not eating lemons straight up. My tooth enamel might not be so fond of that idea. But lemons also have amazing benefits. The Vitamin C and Potassium alone have helped me avoid a recent household cold and have cut back on those pesky nightly leg cramps.
Maybe I should have pinned this helpful tip of "The Proper Way to Store Lemons" and I wouldn't have to make an extra trip to the grocery store tonight.

Here's a few more reasons why I hope this lemon water kick continues. But uhhh take some of these with a grain of salt. And for the record I don't believe I have a problem with #21. Gross.

What about you? Have you experienced any cravings?

Summer Maternity Style

With less than six weeks to go until my due date, I have to say, I am loving Summer Maternity Styles way more than Winter! Grace was born in February so by the time I had a bump to work with it was all sweaters and leggings (even a winter coat conundrum to deal with). This time around, despite the numerous comments about my August due date, I'm enjoying getting dressed more. Hell, I even bought maternity shorts.

So what's in my wardrobe? Well, I originally started off with a number of jeans that I got at Gap (on sale of course because Gap is always on sale). Some were comfortable at first, a pair with a demi panel were my go-to - but for the most part they were fitting weird, too baggy, too tight in other places, no stretch in the knees, etc. etc. I also ordered the first batch in my regular size online and then had to return them and go down 2 sizes! Now that it's way too hot for jeans I no longer feel obligated to make them work.  Mostly I'll wear dresses, skirts, or yoga pants on the weekends/after work. For shoes I've managed to find some really comfortable sandals, and flats that I've already had for a season (Tieks-check them out!) I also stocked up on Gap's Pure Body tanks to form a base layer of any outfit. This little trick has let me get away with not having to buy to many specific maternity tops or sweaters. Another favorite: Gap's Foldover Shirred Skirt - currently on sale for $9.99. Buy 3! Probably a good time to note that Gap isn't paying me to say this :) I just happened to do really well shopping their sales, and it had the best selection of maternity within a lunch-break radius.

Summer Maternity Style

And one more key to my maternity style/physical comfort. This sexy maternity belt which attempts to keep my wobbly and unstable SI joints from falling apart.

Buy one today! This is an affiliate link so I could make a small commission if you do.

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My Favorite New iPhone Wallpapers for Summer

We haven't done this in a while, but I was feeling inspired by the new Summer season and some awesome iPhone wallpapers.

Want more? I have almost 500 on this Pinterest board for your enjoyment ♥