Mother's Day Fun

Dear Moms. Let's be honest. Our dream Mother's Day would involve some combination of sleep, unlimited caffeine without the shakes, and hours of alone time shopping at Target. Oh, just me? Anyway. It's always fun to put together some things I've been crushing on. Pineapples, leopard clutches, Kendra Scott earrings and more! Love.

Mother's Day Loves

What are you hoping for this Mother's Day?

Back at it...

This is the first time I've actually sat at my desk in a very long time. Brooke is asleep and Grace is downstairs planting vegetables with her Dad. I know this won't last long enough but ooooohh is it nice. It's been so long since I've been here that I totally forgot I had a lemongrass candle on my desk and haven't even changed the calendar since I hung it up in January.

Even as I wrote this last night Grace came in and demanded snuggles before bed. Duty calls...

Planning a Bridal Shower this Spring?


I am now in the midst of planning a Bridal Shower for my little sister. As the Matron of Honor (can we petition to get that name changed?), I'm passing along a great coupon code (SPRING25) that I found for  25% off your purchase at Wedding Paper Divas. I shouldn't divulge any of the details about the shower theme here, but I can't wait to share after the party!

5 Rules for #SXSW Packing

In just a few hours, I'll be boarding a plane for my March home-away-from home - the Austin Convention Center. This will be my fifth trip to Austin and I've learned a few things about how to prepare along the way. My role will be totally different this time since I've switched jobs. Instead of attending as a conference goer, I'll be hitting the pavement (and the trade show floor) to convince people why they should fall in love with the Focal Upright line of products.

Packing thoughtfully for SXSW (or any conference really) is essential to your overall personal comfort.

Rule #1 Comfortable shoes. Don't even think about the heels ladies. Heels are for suckers.
Rule #2 Bring an actual notebook and pen. As great as it is to think you can rely exclusively on your phone for jotting down the 3.15 million new things you'll learn, you'll want to conserve that battery. Trust me.
Rule #3 That brings me to #3. Remember this ABC - Always Be Charging. If you have an opportunity to charge your device. Do it. I've charged my phone on the floors of many buildings in Austin. There's no shame when your battery is at 11%.
Rule #4 Bring a water bottle. It's going to be HOT this year. Austin is pretty dry and hotels will suck every drop of moisture out of you.
Rule #5 Do not forget your headphones. In a place where sensory overload is only rivaled (in my humble opinion) by Las Vegas, you will want to tune out the world. There's only so many times you can overhear the word innovation before combusting.

BONUS TIP: The last one in here is a gift to you. It is a combination of Rule #1 and has a lot to do with Rule #3 and the floor sitting. We've all heard that sitting is the new smoking right? Well, when you're at SXSW you'll be lucky to get a seat! Seriously. There are way more people than seats in Austin, especially at places where the crowd wants to be. I've waited in EPIC lines (the longest was without a doubt to see Grumpy Cat) and do you know what would have made that experience better? A Mogo seat from Focal Upright. I'm not only their Social Media Manager, but a proud user. Stop by the booth at the Interactive Trade Show #629 and try it out for yourself. We're practically giving them away! Ok we are.

See you tonight Austin!

SXSW Packing List

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Happy Birthday Grace!

Every year we always have a lot going on between a little before Grace's birthday and basically Easter. I always attribute this to entering my birth sign (Pisces), literally right before Grace's bday and that takes us pretty much to Easter!

This year was no exception. Hence, this post is a little late. Amazing, actually that I was able to squeeze it in between our vacation and my next trip in a few days (I'll be in Austin y'all).

Anyway, so I can remember it for years to come, here's a quick round up of Grace's 4th birthday.

Birthday at Biomes (recommend it for the local RI crowd!) 

Since our party was 10-12 we did a cereal theme bar. Big hit among the 4 yr olds (like mine) who are deprived of the sugar cereal we grew up on.

1 Allie's Rainbow Donut Cake sent by the Gods

Post Party Family Party featuring Addi the Doodle