5 Tips to Kick Your Closet Into Shape

As a woman, how important is a closet? As something you interact with every single day, it's pretty important right? What if with a little planning you can kick your closet into shape and reduce your closet anxiety, find more things to wear and not have to worry on laundry day when you need to cram your wardrobe back into place...
Kick Your Closet Into Shape
Kick Your Closet Into Shape

My first instinct was to call this post: Melissa and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Closet, but changed my mind for SEO purposes. Other post titles that crossed my mind were: Is Your Closet Taking Years Off Your Life? Or My Closet is Trying to Kill Me. You get the point.

Size Doesn't Matter (that much)

The good news (for me anyway!) is that my closet size issue is about to be fixed in less than 3 months. However, I'm smart enough to know that it's not the size of your closet that determines your happiness in life. Remember that one. It's really not. I had a huge closet at my last house and while I didn't have the "jam everything in after all the laundry is done in the house" anxiety, I still had the "I have nothing to wear" anxiety.

Fix The Problem

So what's a girl to do? Whether you have a tiny closet space, or space is not an issue, I've found some really helpful resources that should please everyone. My approach comes down to these basic principles.
1.You've got to love it. ♥ (Get rid of the rest)
2. Get the right tools. (Maximize the value of your space with helpful dividers, baskets and bins)
3. Make it pretty. (Add some personal details through color to make you smile each time you open that closet - color hangers? Or one step further and hang your clothes by color!)
4. Get rid of the shoeboxes! (Want to add some real estate to your closet? Get rid of the boxes, trust me)
5. Evaluate (Continually evaluate the contents of your closet each season)

The Inspiration

Some inspiration for my future closet

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Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade Review

When Leaf & Love contacted me to take part in a review of their organic, zero-sugar lemonade juice box I jumped on board. As a Mom, one of the most frustrating thing about toddler-hood is how much SUGAR is in everything. Especially juice. As it stands right now Grace loves juice, but I barely let her drink it because her poor little baby teeth don't need all that sugar.

Leaf and Love Review

What is Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade?
Leaf & Love Lemonade is the world’s first all natural, zero-sugar, organic lemonade “juice box” for kids. Made in California with just a handful of ingredients, Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade delivers all the flavor of a sweet and tangy lemonade with the added benefits of being sweetened with organic, all natural stevia and providing 15% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C. Source: Leaf & Love™ FAQ

So how did my 2 year old like her no-sugar juice box? "Mmm Mommy this is good!" She loved it! I had a taste too and while it definitely doesn't taste like the lemonade we're used to (because it has so much sugar), it was still good. The stevia does make it sweet, it's just a different taste compared to regular sweeteners. I'm super picky about weird sugar flavors so if I'm ok with it you probably will be too!

Now here's your chance to give it a try! Enter to win an 8 pack of Leaf and Love Lemonade Juice Boxes. Easy Entry options!

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Sunday Funday... Sore on Monday

We had a wonderful weekend. Well Sunday was wonderful! Saturday was Day 5 or 6 of rain and it played out with a nap refusal, followed by a trip to the mall with husband and toddler in tow.  

Sunday was spent in full birthday party glory in the shining sun! I forgot it could do that! But then again, I have a serious hang up with the weather and the combination of a few straight days of rain + diminishing daylight hours is really bad for my Seasonal Affective Disorder psyche. But don't worry folks, I got my Vitamin D fix yesterday. 

Now that Grace is just over 2 1/2 she is now able to participate in Open Bounce House Season. Unfortunately for her, she was old enough at the tail end of it this year, as Open Bounce House Season lasts from about May-October. May-October, aka the Golden Season for being born, means you have the potential to convince your parents to order up a Bounce House for your birthday party. If you've been unfortunate (like me) to be born from November-April, you are doomed to a life of indoor parties at bowling alleys, museums, and Chuck E. Cheese. For those of us born from mid-December - mid-March, we have an extra level of anxiety to work with - SNOW CANCELLATIONS*. Poor Grace. She's right in the thick of snow threat. 

*Remember, I live in New England.

But I digress, the real reason for my post was to enforce this motto to my fellow parents (ahem, Dads...)

Sunday Funday... Sore on Monday.
That's gonna leave a mark.
Bounce Houses are fun, but you're not 5 anymore. Take care of that neck!

We asked Grace what she wanted painted on her face. Her answer: Batman

Grace 1, Facepaint 0

Fab Friday Freebies: iPhone Wallpapers

I'm back again with some additional iPhone Wallpaper Freebies. These were fun to make and incorporated 2 of my favorite elements: glitter and quotes! 

Hope you enjoy! Please pin if you like them :)

Do More of What Makes Your Happy iPhone Wallpaper
Do More!

You Were Born to Sparkle iPhone Wallpaper
Sparkle baby!

Hold Fast to Your Dreams iPhone Wallpaper
Don't let go of your dreams!