Birchbox Review: November

To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed when I first opened my Birchbox in November. But, as the saying goes, don't judge a book by its' cover... don't judge your Birchbox until you've had a chance to try everything. I ended up loving the Not Soap, Radio and Dr. Lipp! Even reordered some more Not Soap, Radio because their array of scents were amazing! (I purchased Liquid Freud in case you're interested...)

Dr. Lipp - Original Nipple Balm for Lips $14.50 - Let's face it. Nipple cream is amazing. I discovered this lip remedy ohhh almost 3 years ago and when I saw that my Mom received it in her Birchbox earlier this year I was jelly. This stuff is great, although my feedback is that it's so great for chapped lips that you don't really want to touch it.. kind of greasy on the fingers, but it's not for fingers right? Love it.

Fekkai - PrX Reparatives Intense Fortifying Masque $25

Gilchrist & Soames - Spa Therapy Body Lotion $15

Laura Mercier - Longwear Creme Eye Pencil in Violet $24 - I'm not really an eyeliner kind of gal but this color is so pretty.

Not Soap, Radio - Awash in a field of four leaf clovers Body Wash $16

Have I inspired you to give Birchbox a try? Did I also mention that they make great (and easy) gifts?

Where to start.

Writer's block, decision fatigue, work, the holidays, renovation realities - the list could go on. And also all legitimate reasons why the content on my blog has been suffering lately. And also the last I'll allow myself the excuses. I gave myself time to rest mentally but decided today that I just had to start again. I had a really hard time just getting a start to type this post. But here I am. So now that I've felt all of the things above - how do I get my groove back? As a writer, a maker, a content creator I know you've all been there. For me, I'm not motivated to make money with this blog. I'd be well below the poverty line if that was my goal. It really has been a wonderful creative and social outlet for me, but when I've got a lot going on, I really have to consciously recharge those creative juices and sometimes, unfortunately I guess, I tend to withdraw (to Soda Crush). But again, here I am. Hopefully I've broken through the ice.

Also, if anyone needs a blogging accountability partner and you have a penchant for sharing hilarious GIFs just let me know ; )

Buy One Get One Free Ornaments at Tiny Prints!

Attention Holiday Shoppers!
All Ornaments at Tiny Prints are Buy 1 Get 1 Free today (Dec 2nd) only! Click here to check it out.

There, I feel better now that I've shared that with you. Now I can bargain brag about savings on a few key items on my list:

My husband won't let me spoil the surprise by letting me share our holiday card or ornaments here... but here's an outtake from our photo shoot. Personally, I liked it the best!

Ok, last chance. Get over to Tiny Prints now and get your holiday shopping on.

Black Friday Weekend: Best of online

Personally, I love Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend. That name doesn't even really make sense but you know what I mean. Marketing teams across the US (and beyond) flex their marketing muscles and bring out the deals. If you know me, you must know by now that my shopping habits are not old school so you'll never see me out at 2am on Black Friday. Instead, I'm that last minute Lucy who's trying to cash in on Black Friday deals at 11:30pm on Cyber Monday. I digress... here are some awesome deals that I'm excited about from some of my favorite brands! Totally taking advantage of the first one here... 25% off at Honest Company. It's where I buy all of our eco/baby friendly cleaning supplies and bath products for Grace.

Beauty & Fashion
The Honest Company 

For the Home

For the Kids

Shop Citrus Lane

Holiday Cards
Shutterfly Free Stuff

Tiny Dancer

I have a toddler with a penchant for tutus and high heels. Last night as soon as she walked through the door she "greeted me" with the following demand: "Put on my Rapunzel dress."

Grace, you're cute, but a "May I please wear my Rapunzel dress" is in order.

She now has a collection of about five costume dress-up dresses that live only in our house. In other words, she can't wear them out of the house and demands to put one on as soon as she walks through the door. I know it's only a phase, but this one is intense! You don't want to see what happens when Grace can't put on a dress.

Grace in a tutu and high heels

Next on my to do list is to put furniture pads on the heels of my shoes so the click-clacking doesn't throw my husband into a floor protection rant (to me) every time.