15 Minute Blog Challenge: Cheese Straws

Your time starts: NOW

So the other day I was thinking about Blogger's Writing Block and what tactics I could use to get past it. Suddenly, I had a great idea! Why not randomly pick a number and then use that pin on Pinterest as an inspiration! I guess you could use anything really, Instagram, Facebook Post, you name it.

Today I committed to this noble experiment, selected the number 7 and started counting away. What did I land on?

Fellow Blogger Vera Sweeney's pin on Cheese Straws (see below).

Now at first I was all... umm what the heck are Cheese Straws but then I realized, this is the point! Let's learn about something new and challenge the writing skills a bit.

So here we go. In the next 10 minutes and 35 seconds I'll learn about Cheese Straws and figure out something compelling(ish) to share with you!

Apparently Cheese Straws are an easy appetizer I must try! It involves only a few ingredients (puff pastry, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. That's it. Seriously! Ok ok Vera, you've convinced me! I'll have to try these.

Actually another angle on this post, a confession. I haven't followed a recipe in at least 9 months. That's how long it's been since we sold our house in Massachusetts, and moved to Rhode Island - then finally bought a house and moved again. I know! No excuses. My husband who is the ultimate recipe follower and often does so for sport made me feel guilty of this recently and I do feel like it's time to get back on that horse so Cheese Straws - here I come!

Maybe the next series should be: Melissa picks a random recipe on Pinterest and is forced to make it. Complete with a running internal dialog transcript (swearing omitted. maybe.)? Who wants to read about that?

And more importantly, who is coming over for Cheese Straws (and wine)?

Do me a favor and pick a random number in the comments for my next 15 Minute Blog Challenge and thank you to Vera Sweeney at Lady and the Blog for being this week's random winner :)

On Wednesday We Pin Pink

Hey it's Wednesday! I'm not going to show you that insufferable camel so let's get right to the pink pins ok?

This week's theme is Pink Party! With hints of gold. Love ♥?

Wordless Wednesday: Rock a Bye Baby

Blogging 101: Great Tips for the Beginner Blogger

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Pinterest posts for the beginner blogger. If you'd like to peruse my entire collection, click here. Even if you're not what one would consider a "Beginner Blogger", the tips are a helpful refresher. Actually, as I put this post together I took a moment to reflect on my blogging past and discovered that I've been at it for almost 9 years. Whoa. Really?? While my darling Grace and Josie is just over a year old, my faithful old Jemstaa has been around for almost a decade. I get quite a kick out of reading the old posts from my 'fresh out of college days'. Here's a peek at my early corporate days and the 2nd post I wrote.

And now for your tips! Here you'll find some items to add to your to-do list including 1) find your passion 2) support other bloggers by regularly commenting 3) update your header

Here's a direct link to this post: http://rebekahradice.com/things-every-new-blogger-needs-to-do/

Here's a direct link to this post: http://studio-404.com/2013/online/resources/blogging-101-supporting-blogs

Here's a direct link to this post: http://www.houseandhone.com/2013/01/lets-talk-headers-emilyhonecom.html

Hoppity Hop Hop

Take a deep breath. The Easter Bunny is coming to town.

On a related note... when I was a child there was nothing more terrifying than the thought of peeking outside and seeing the Easter Bunny lurking around my yard leaving plastic Easter Eggs. I still shudder to think about it!

Easter Fun - It's just beginning!

One of the first posts on Grace and Josie was "Easter, the Super Bowl of Little Girl Dresses", just over 1 year ago. Now we're excited to celebrate again this year, but first we'll leave you with some Easter Fun!

Easter Fun

Easter home decor

striped rosette dress

ruffle shrug

bunny ears