Dec 28, 2018

After Christmas Sales:

Primary Header currently has amazing deals on winter essentials for kids. 

There's still plenty of winter left (unfortunately, if you ask me...) and I like Primary to supply high quality basics for my kids.


Here are some of my favorites:

This lightweight puffer vest for $17.

I have a collection of vests that I wear at home because I'm always freezing so why not layer up my kids as well!

Puffer Vest

This long sleeve thermal crew for $8.

This cozy tunic sweatshirt for $12.

My girls live in these cozy tunic sweatshirts all year round. We take these to the beach for cold summer nights and pair them with leggings and boots for chilly school days.

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Nov 6, 2018

Christmas Shopping: Calico Critters

Christmas List Series Calico Critters

Amazing Deal on Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home

I'm on the hunt for the best deals on toys on Amazon this holiday season. 

First up, Calico Critters. A favorite of my 3 year old. So far she has a modest collection of these Critters. We have the Lighthouse, a School Bus, a camping set, and whole bunch of Critter families.

I wanted to add a larger item to her collection this Christmas so I went on the hunt. The prices are all over the place and while I was willing to spend around the $100 mark, I was excited to find a deal on the Red Roof Country Home.

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home

As you can see from the price chart, this item recently took a big dive from its original price of $69.95. How long will it last? Who knows! But I will tell you that the box arrived yesterday and it's huge! Definitely a great value for your little Critters! 
Tell me your favorite Calico Critter items!

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