May 13, 2014

Cheese Straw Update

Things have been a little wild around here lately but I wanted to give an update on my Cheese Straw Challenge from a few weeks ago. I made them for my Mom's Kentucky Derby party on May 3rd and they were a success! Let's not get carried away, they weren't perfect, but considering this was my first experience with puff pastry, they were tasty and that's what matters in the end, right? That being said, I underestimated the pastry's ability to "puff" and so I didn't give them enough space on the baking sheet. Will remember to let them breathe next time! Also worth noting... this recipe was really easy! I literally woke up from a nap (when Grace actually naps you better believe I do too) defrosted that puff pastry, got to work and was finished in about a half hour.

So what's next? Another challenge I guess! I have a number from my last post so I'll select the corresponding pin and bake/cook away!
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