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A Ball Gown to the Playground

Here's Grace all dolled up at the Narragansett Playground. Why such a fancy dress for rolling around in the wood chips? Well it was Father's Day you see and we were fresh from a nice breakfast celebrating Grace's great-grandfather (aka Poppy) while Grace's Dada was living it up in Las Vegas, but that's for another blog. The Playground was a little spur of the moment and while I had another shirt for her to wear, it didn't seem appropriate to let her run around bottomless. So sacrifice this dress we did!

I wish I had taken some cute shots of her at breakfast, but she was feeling quite hangry (hungry+angry) and was taking it out on the crayons. Not typically behavior that mom bloggers such as myself care to flaunt around on blogs.
Dress - Koala Baby/ Shoes - Stride Rite
 One blueberry pancake later, Grace was ready to frolic happily again.
 Static and all.
 Especially with her crazy nut enabler, Nana. (See below) I found out this weekend that their favorite theme song is "Boom Boom Ain't It Great to be Crazy" Thanks Nana, you always know how to whip this little one into a frenzy.

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