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Summer Style Season Begins

This weekend we had sizzling summer weather. Sizzling as in a few days at the 90F mark that is typically reserved for mid-July through mid-August, definitely not June 1st! I can't complain. I love the heat and it was a perfect excuse to outfit my new toddler in summer gear. This weekend we picked up a water table, splash pool (it's living at Nana's), sand toys, bathing suits, water shoes, rompers, and summer jammies. I think she's good for a little while! Now it's time to play!
Sun hat, Target; Bathing Suit, Children's Place; Water shoes, Koala Baby
As soon as it was completed, Grace was screeching with glee at her new water table. Her favorite activity? Taking things out and putting them back in. Maybe a bucket would have fit the bill just as well :)

The end of May marks the beginning of Summer Fridays at work. Summer Fridays mean I get out of work early and shop way too much. It's ok though, I think it's out of my system now.
Last Friday, I stopped by Garden City and visited Children's Place, Carter's, and Gap Kids. Great finds at all three, although Carter's was having a great sale on the casual rompers that I needed for Grace. At $6 each how could I resist??

So here's the haul. Left to right.  
Lime with yellow flowers mod-dress from Gap Kids $14.99
Teal and orange romper from Carter's $6.00
Cherry t-shirt from Carter's $2.99
Pink lemon bathing suit from Carter's $5.99
Rash guard bathing suit from Children's Place $9.99
Pink and green romper from Carter's $6.00
Pink sparkle flip-flops from Children's Place $1.99
Polka dot romper from Carter's $6.00
Jean shorts from Carter's $6.00
Red gingham diaper cover from Gap Kids $5.99
Tank top onesies from Carter's $11.00
If you want to see the pins of these outfits from the retailers click here.
Summer Haul!

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