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Toddler-worthy Stroller Reviews

Once Grace graduated from her infant car seat and super convenient snap-and-go stroller, we needed a toddler worthy upgrade to a work horse of a stroller. For a few months before we decided to put in the road test time we made it work with our Maclaren Volo stroller, which lived in my husbands car (and still does actually). This experience was interesting to me because I thought for sure after months of research on Amazon that I knew exactly which stroller we'd end up coming home with. I was wrong. I had gone through countless reviews and specs, only to try out the stroller of my dreams first hand to find it severely lacking. 

You can read the lengthy review of our stroller search at my daily life blog here.

But take a look at our choices below, and as always, feel free to ask any questions about our experience in the comments or over at the Facebook page!

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