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Beach Bum: Tips to survive the beach with a toddler

As busy as we've been, Grace has spent hours of quality time at the beach this summer. I think we're all starting to get the hang of beach time with a toddler. Believe me, it's not for the faint of heart! Especially when you have an extremely extroverted tyke who is interested in checking out what everyone has to offer at their blanket. 

We are by no means experts, but I think we'll continue to get better at it!
So far, our routine looks like this:
  • Throw our organized beach bag in the car. We clean it out and repack it after each beach trip so we're not crazed each time to find the sunscreen/swim diapers/sunhat, etc.
  • Put the swim diaper and swimsuit on before we arrive at the beach to avoid a struggle on the sand.
  • Packed: plenty of water, juice boxes, snacks, sunscreen, umbrella, towels, baby wipes & diapers, toys, hat, and light blanket to cover up her stroller when she's asleep to avoid the sun (Grace's 'blankie lite')
  • Pack the stroller and wheel her on to the beach backwards so the big wheels of the UppaBaby Vista (highly recommended btw) do all the work.
  • Once we've arrived we have a snack, chill out for a bit and then hit the water.
  • Play in the sand (toddlers love holes in the sand so don't forget your shovel) when we get out, then hit the water again to rinse off.
  • Pick Grace up in a towel so she doesn't touch the sand, dry her off as much as possible and then put her in the stroller with the towel still around her.
  • Eat lunch, sit quietly, endure few minutes of grumbling and then sit back and finally relax as Grace sleeps! 
  • By the time she wakes up it's usually time to go. We've been lucky that her naps on the beach have been at least an hour but longer if the sound of the ocean is particularly soothing.

Swimsuit - Children's Place

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