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Jawbone UP24 Review: An Interview with My Husband

My husband, you might remember him from my previous post - or seen below, just got his first wearable tech device (and I'm jealous).
PS that's not really him.

I am a huge data nerd and being a Social Media Manager I guess it's just part of the DNA. When my husband got the Jawbone UP24 I couldn't wait to learn more about it.

So I grilled him:

For the sake of our readers, tell me when you got the Jawbone UP24?
M: For my birthday, about 3 weeks ago

Great, and tell me, what was your first impression of the product?
M: I'd done some research on this type of fitness tracking wearable and remember the Jawbone UP received very high marks in Consumer Reports so this was the device I was hoping to get. I was excited to put it to work. When I first started to use the UP I found it a little difficult to sync it with my phone, and still have intermittent issues with the app, it freezes.

How do you use the Jawbone UP24?
I wear the band all day and night, but keep it out of water (showers, dishes, swimming, etc.). I've set certain goals within the app such as hours of sleep or steps per day and the band tracks those movements. When I've been idle for too long the band gives me a little buzz to let me know to keep moving.

Pros of the Jawbone UP24?
I like the ability to track my activity and sleep. It's also cool that the UP integrates with so many other apps, like IFTTT, although I haven't explored that too much yet.

The app has been the most frustrating part of the Jawbone UP. I've also found the band to be a bit bulkier than I expected. I have a large wrist so the fit isn't perfect. I also wish the band were waterproof because I've already forgotten to put it back on after showering.

Overall Impression?
Overall, I like the product. We'll see if wearing the band becomes more natural over time. As far as the app goes, I'm a Software Developer so user experience and functionality is very important to me. I hope Jawbone is working on the stability of the app, to make it more reliable and less frustrating. Luckily, something like this will just require an update and not an overhaul on the actual band itself.

App Screenshot

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