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Sunday Funday... Sore on Monday

We had a wonderful weekend. Well Sunday was wonderful! Saturday was Day 5 or 6 of rain and it played out with a nap refusal, followed by a trip to the mall with husband and toddler in tow.  

Sunday was spent in full birthday party glory in the shining sun! I forgot it could do that! But then again, I have a serious hang up with the weather and the combination of a few straight days of rain + diminishing daylight hours is really bad for my Seasonal Affective Disorder psyche. But don't worry folks, I got my Vitamin D fix yesterday. 

Now that Grace is just over 2 1/2 she is now able to participate in Open Bounce House Season. Unfortunately for her, she was old enough at the tail end of it this year, as Open Bounce House Season lasts from about May-October. May-October, aka the Golden Season for being born, means you have the potential to convince your parents to order up a Bounce House for your birthday party. If you've been unfortunate (like me) to be born from November-April, you are doomed to a life of indoor parties at bowling alleys, museums, and Chuck E. Cheese. For those of us born from mid-December - mid-March, we have an extra level of anxiety to work with - SNOW CANCELLATIONS*. Poor Grace. She's right in the thick of snow threat. 

*Remember, I live in New England.

But I digress, the real reason for my post was to enforce this motto to my fellow parents (ahem, Dads...)

Sunday Funday... Sore on Monday.
That's gonna leave a mark.
Bounce Houses are fun, but you're not 5 anymore. Take care of that neck!

We asked Grace what she wanted painted on her face. Her answer: Batman

Grace 1, Facepaint 0

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