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5 Best Things About Being a Mom of Preschoolers

This Sunday is Mother's Day which means I get to celebrate 3 years of celebrating motherhood!

Way back when Grace was 18 months old I created my masterpiece, 25 Best Things About Being a Mom and I still crack myself up over it. Although most of these are still relevant (hello Target Shopping by myself), raising a preschooler has its own particular joys. I found no better metaphors to those joys than through Toddlers and Tiara gifs. Behold.

 When she shows off her dance moves at preschool.

Bribery actually works. Sometimes. 

The art projects are next level.

Coming home after a day out with Grandparents

The other parents are still crazy.

Now, we all know there are way more than 5 best things about being a Mom of Preschoolers, but honestly I don't have the time right now :)

Happy Mother's Day!

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