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Packing Light: A Tutorial

A Guest Post from my sister, Jessica

Packing Light: A Tutorial

I actually really like packing  - and I like strategically packing even more.  For this trip I was determined to pack as minimally as possible and only have a carry on.  When I pack, I don’t pack individual items – I plan outfits.  I am a planner.  I envision what activities I might do, what situations might call for certain items and what the weather is going to be.  For optimum flexibility, I generally opt for neutral tones with a few pops of color.

Trip I’m packing for:  4 days in Istanbul, Turkey in May
I just spent 4 days in Istanbul Turkey where the weather was in the high to mid-60’s every day, and in the mid-to-low ’50’s at night. I packed only what is on the list below and was able to fit everything into my backpack and handbag.  My vacation was comprised of sightseeing, a cruise on the bosphorus, lots of walking and going out to dinner.

1 pair of gray jeans
1 pair of gray trousers (wide leg for comfort, wrinkle free for low maintenance)
1 pair black trousers (wide leg for comfort, wrinkle free for low maintenance)
1 pair of cotton pajama bottoms

1 green tee shirt
1 fuchsia tank top for layering
1 long sleeve black shirt, thin, thin cotton (great for layering)
1 long sleeve pin-stripe button down shirt, soft and comfortable
1 cotton tee shirt pajama top

Raincoat (very thankful I brought this as it POURED the first morning)
Scarf (both for chilly nights and as a head cover to visit Mosques)
Blazer (a casual sweatshirt material – I literally wore this everyday)

Euro-sneakers (slightly higher fashion than typical running shoes)
*Hiking Boots (actually had to buy these in Istanbul because the Euro-sneakers were not supportive enough for all the walking – stylish, but nowhere near supportive enough)

Day Pack
Handbag/camera bag (dual purpose of my camera bag and purse)
Packing Cube (a great way to organize clothes, it’s even 2-sided so you can put your dirty clothes on one side and clean clothes on the other)

Techie Stuff
Kindle  (I actually didn’t even use this)
iPhone (The hotel had wifi, so I could stay in touch with everyone back home each night)
Digital SLR Camera
2 Batteries for Camera
Battery charging pack (to charge my phone and Kindle without having to use and adapter)

1 pairs of sunglasses
Sun Block (it’s pretty expensive to buy this in Turkey, so be sure to pack some and arrive prepared for the strong sun)

I was fairly restrained with what I bought, but I couldn’t resist one of the beautiful scarfs that you can find at many of the shops around town. I also bought a necklace, some tea and (of course!) Turkish Delight.

Snapshots from Istanbul

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