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Take a look at these drawers!

Alright friends, progress has been made! I was so proud of my t-shirt drawer that I made my husband come and view it last night when he got home. As for finding the time? Brooke was nearly due for a nursing session but was still fast asleep in her swing so I just pulled out all the clothes and got to work. Once they were on my bedroom floor there was no turning back so I got down to work. To my surprise, everything was complete in about 20 minutes! So there you have it! No excuses!

So far I've tackled 2 drawers and a seasonal bin of clothes. Here you see the two bags that I'm donating and the folded shirts and leggings. My other drawer was full of loungewear and I decided to wash it all because I haven't worn it since being pregnant. I'll be sure to show off the progress on that drawer soon. I think it will be bit more challenging to fold.

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