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A Rambling Post: Sleep

I didn't realize that there would come a time in my life when all of my contemporaries and I would discuss sleep at length. Now, I can hardly complain, but I'm going to tell you about my night in just a minute.

My husband and I were pretty lucky to get two good "sleepers". They both have their ups and downs, pros and cons, but for the most part they are they kids who go to bed a little too late, but will sleep in when they can which is totally in sync with the sleep patterns of their parents. Even though Brooke is only 2 months old, she followed along in the footsteps of her older sister in terms of newborn sleep. That is sleeping through the night after only a few weeks and sleeping until at least 8 or 9 am. If she is like her sister, this good fortune will last until about a year old when all hell will break loose and putting her to bed will become the stuff of nightmares. I'm cringing to think back at Grace during that transition. Lord have mercy. 

Anyway, back to last night. It all started so well. I mean, as well as a toddler bedtime routine can go... Brooke fell asleep before I put Grace to bed around 8 pm which was nice and I just woke her up to eat before I went to bed around 11. Everyone was sleeping peacefully until Brooke woke me up with her little grunts (she doesn't cry to wake me up when she's hungry which is amazing!) to eat again around 5 am. She usually wakes up around 6 am, but with the time change, it makes sense that it would happen an hour earlier this week. I fed her and was just finishing up when I heard the dreaded "Mooooooommy!" from the room down the hall. I waited a minute to see if Grace would fall back asleep. "Mooooooooooooom I had a bad dream!" which lately has been code for "now let me into your bed, how could you refuse me when I'm in a distressed state like this." Too tired to refuse, I let her come into our bed after putting Brooke back. But with all this excitement Brooke was up. Ayyyy now what? Matt was sleeping, Grace was trying to sleep and Brooke was not going to be soothed in silence. I went into Grace's full sized bed and tried to get Brooke to sleep. Then Grace started coughing and coughing and coughing. Matt got up and went downstairs to sleep in the guest bedroom and then like musical chairs, I got back up, put Brooke in the swing and got back into my own bed on Matt's side because Grace sleeps like the Vitruvian Man. And then, as always, as soon as everyone fell asleep it was time to wake up for the day.

So while I feel very lucky to have a sleep through the night (for the most part) newborn, why do I suddenly have a 3.5 year old who will not sleep through the night?? Part of it could be the extra time she gets to spend with Mommy and Daddy if she ends up in our bed. It's not every night so at least there's that. And she does always ask, she doesn't just sneak in. One day, I hope to look back on this post and feel gratitude of all the uninterrupted, bedtime stressful nights I'll have. Or, when I'm elderly and living with them, I'll give them hell going to bed. FIVE BOOKS. No, I want SIX books!

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