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Virtual Summer Camps My Kids Would Actually Like

My 8 year old is so done with distance learning. 

As the weirdest school year of all time wraps up and kids have been staring at their screens from mid-March through June, the last thing I wanted to do was sign her up for another round of Zoom calls and Google Classroom.

She's smart, but she's also bored and unmotivated and without the strong social setting of school she's just not engaged anymore.

So while I initially dismissed the idea of signing her up for a virtual camp this summer, I thought about what kind of camp she would actually enjoy. Something to keep her attention but also engage her in something she really loves. In order to achieve this, the camp would have to check off at least one of the following:

  • Roblox
  • Minecraft
  • Animation
  • Pokémon
  • TikTok

Surprisingly, I found some great camps and courses for Roblox, Minecraft, Animation and Pokémon! Apparently, there was an in-person dance camp for TikTok last year - but if you find an online version please let me know!

Here's a few options that I found

1. iD  Tech
This company has traditionally offered in-person camps all over the country but is now offering a $100 savings for virtual camps. For Grace's age group, they offer camp sessions that check off the Roblox and Minecraft boxes. If she were a little older she would love to attend the all-girls Alexa Café or Make a YouTube Channel Animation and Storytelling.

2. Black Rocket
Black Rocket seems to offer many similar courses to iD Tech including coding of all kinds, Roblox, Minecraft, Pokémon, robotics, digital arts, and more (like Lego®️ animation)!

Each course is about 15 hours in total (3 hours/day for 1 week) and pricing varies slightly but is around $159.  From my research, their courses are half the price of others that are the same amount of instructional time and they offer scholarships for kids/parents that need it.

Sign up here.

P.S. When I reached out to Black Rocket, they told me:
"Our company was started 20 years ago by a seven year old girl named Sarah. Your daughter Grace reminded me of her. The name Black Rocket comes from Sarah's black labrador retriever named rocket."


Download the course catalog pdf.

3. Connected Camps

Connected Camps has some really cool courses, but I couldn't find any pricing info on the site. I did like that they have a few coding/engineering courses just for girls.

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